Premium Hero Crystal Luck

dangarang122dangarang122 Posts: 403 ★★★
This discussion is about discussing your luck from Premium Hero Crystals.


  • Thanos_CarThanos_Car Posts: 298
    I pulled my first 4* hype even though I'm level 58 from a phc last week, so it's going pretty good. 4*s are kinda not worth ranking up for me at this point but it's still nice to know I have him now, lol.
  • BanditRaccoon55BanditRaccoon55 Posts: 17
    Got 4* imiw from one about a week ago
  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    Just pulled a 4* wasp
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Nothing you really can do to improve your luck either you are lucky or not, mine come in spurts though have pulled 8 since March 29th so been getting luckier than usual
  • blurblotblurblot Posts: 34
    4* champs i’ve pulled from PHCs:
    Angela (my first 4-star! she got me through soooo much early content)
    Psylocke (and immediately duped her on my next PHC)
    Luke Cage
    Moon Knight

    and probably more i’m forgetting. some of my best 4-stars are on that list so i’m not complaining.
  • Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,529 ★★★★★
    edited May 2019
    Not in order mine are
    Moon Knight
    Stark Spider-Man
    Killmonger x2
    She Hulk x3
    Hyperion x2
    Ant man x2
    Iron Man
    Magneto Marvel Now! x4 :neutral:
    and I think that is all over 4ish years.(Maybe?)
  • 5tarscream5tarscream Posts: 92
    I've noticed a lot more 3 and 4* pulls recently. I've been recording my crystals this month and I've had 5 3* and 2 4* in 42 PHC. Compared to the past that's real high. I also managed to pull Darkhawk froma 4* then duped him from phc the next day the other 4* was Elektra. My 3* were Crossbones, Captain Marvel, Proxima Midnight, Spider-Man and Red Hulk.
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,418 ★★★★
    Just duped my 4* Ghost from one so that’s awesome
  • Ægon0710Ægon0710 Posts: 83

  • dangarang122dangarang122 Posts: 403 ★★★
    The four star luck has not stopped yet!!

  • _I__I_ Posts: 306
    I got a 4* black widow today which further allowed me to claim rewards from the objectives.
  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    I got a Vision AoU and awakened him from a PHC
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Don't think I've been this lucky before in a short span from them, usually my luck is sporadic.

    King Groot
    Crossbones dupe
    Magneto dupe
    Proxima midnight
    Mordo dupe
    Loki dupe
    Gwenpool dupe
    Cyclops dupe

    Some might not be to good but still that's a a good haul in less than a couple of months.
  • bm3eppsbm3epps Posts: 1,019 ★★★
    I pulled 4* Dorm and Meph last week
  • ArcherArcher Posts: 1
    The first ever phc I opened on my account (the one you get for joining am alliance)I got a 4 star netflix daredevil
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Pulled a 4* dr strange from a phc earlier
  • CoryMatthewsThoCoryMatthewsTho Posts: 145
    Back in March & April, I had a roughly 3 week streak of 10-15 4*s. One was AA, one was duping my CAIW again, and almost all the others were random Mutant dupes, which ended up being good timing because of I was able to max out AA in no time.
  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 417
    mine was

    colossus (my first)
    agent venom
    ghost rider
    symbiote supreme
    the thing
    king groot
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★

    This discussion is about discussing your luck from Premium Hero Crystals.

    Well shoot.

    Never mind then.
  • GodfatherspieGodfatherspie Posts: 38
    About 3 months ago, I just spun a PHC not expecting much, went to the bathroom and when I returned saw that a 4* Sentinel and I was like -hellyes-. Then literally the next day duped by popping a PHC. I was happy.
  • TheBestinTuakauTheBestinTuakau Posts: 955 ★★★
    The only 4* I've ever pulled from a phc is Taskmaster. He is a decent champion and is one of my most ranked up 4*s ( the others being Mordo and Quake). I have been playing this game for almost a year now, I feel like everyone else has had better phc luck than me
  • 5tarscream5tarscream Posts: 92
    Got 4* Quake over the weekend
  • dangarang122dangarang122 Posts: 403 ★★★

    Got 4* Quake over the weekend

    So did I! Along with a 3 star ghost.
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