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Aw multiplier

MCB05MCB05 Posts: 252
We are facing tier 3 aw map and our multiplier is tier 4. (4.5). Our opponent has a 5.5 multiplier. How is this still a thing after 8 seasons of play? How is this fair and level set? Why are you giving our different rewards for playing the same war?


  • BicskamaxiBicskamaxi Posts: 5
    We are happend same thing. We play on t5 lvl with challenger node's. But we got t6 multiplier. Anybody know what happend? Or same issue when season 8 started?
  • Monkey121981Monkey121981 Posts: 46
    edited May 2019
    Same problem here. Sent several tickets to Kabam about this and they keep claiming the game is working as intended and it's normal that 2 alliances that are in a different tier can get matched and the map will be chosen randomly. Only problem is that we are in the same tier and still get the higher map but lower multiplier. Explained it in detail and added screenshots as proof but I don't think they even have looked at it. It's getting frustrating. Normally not someone that turns to the forum to vent but if it's happening to us, it's happening to more alliances. And some might not have noticed it because when the war is active it shows the higher multiplier but when you look at the end score you get the lower multiplier. Definitely not fair and they need to look into this.
  • mcv222mcv222 Posts: 7
    BS programming that they don’t know how to fix.
  • mcv222mcv222 Posts: 7
    Sucks more when you are borderline reward brackets.
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