Idea for a new AW map was good, but this is awful..:

Never mind the overpowered nodes paired with some champs making it impossible to kill before timing out, but the fact that the map is unforgiving for alliances with different availability and time zones makes this absolutely a missed opportunity. We have 3 euro guys that without them we're stuck waiting on nodes and then they'll be the only ones playing while the rest of us are out. Who thought of these dump cross over links in different sections? I'm done with AW for now.


  • GsabaGsaba Posts: 62
    Same here. War is over now for small alliances like us. Too many links
  • OmegaManOmegaMan Posts: 383 ★★★
    It’s not anymore difficult guys. We just all need to play better. I mean Kabam said it’s not more difficult so it’s just us.
  • GsabaGsaba Posts: 62
    Links are more troubling for our alliance, one BG and not all members have same skill level, activity. We used to reach boss with 6-7 members. Now stuck on links
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