AQ MAP 2 Second Mini-boss and Main-boss are much more difficult now.

The triggering of mini-boss #2 Unstoppable buff (and the duration of that buff) are much too often / too long. Nameless Thanos main boss is waaaaay tougher than Kingpin was. My Alliance has gone from being able to complete MAP 2 every day with the use of no revives / heals to "a few" revives / heals to using a TON of revives / heals and not even being able to complete day 1 of 5.

Was the intent to increase the overall difficult of MAP 2 by 30-40% to knock weaker alliances back down to Map 1?


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    I don’t think Kabam would want you to perform worse.

  • MagonusMagonus Posts: 50
    Okay so we managed to beat MAP 2 on Day 2 so this may not be 30-40% harder as I stated above... harder - yes, different - yes. Not sure if there are certain tenancies that the bosses employ on each of the 5 days? That could be part of the equation as well.
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    @Kabam Miike OMG Hela is too tough in AQ MAP 2 Day 3!!! As mini-boss #1 and #2 she has kicked the Hela out of my Alliance. I think we are going to end up doing worse than on Day One (at best make it to the final BOSS and get crushed). BRUTAL. #rollbackmap2changes
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    If you have a couple of guys with duped archangel you can shut her sig down. Its been years since I've played map 2 maybe share a pic of the miniboss nodes and thanos nodes so people can offer more help
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    @Dshu Thanks Dshu! I only have 2 in my Alliance so not a ton of options. I do have a duped / maxed 4 star AA though. How does AA shut down her Sig?

    Hela going Unstoppable 2-5 times per fight, then Indestructible at 1% HP, x2 mini-bosses in insane for my little Alliance.

    My Alliance member did just Rank up their unduped 5 star Gwenpool to Rank 4/5 as their new top Champ (PI 8,202) so that helps us. They can now have 2 5 stars to bring to the party, where I can pick 3 from my 4 Rank 4/5 5 stars...... baby steps.
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    @Magonus archangel duped has ability accuracy reduction. Stack 3 to 4 neurotoxins and he shuts opponents down. Nothing will trigger. Another option is sym supreme who can stack nullify and shut down buffs
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    I feel you man. Our alliance picked Map2 to chill with no requirements, now we have this insane mini boss fight for very little extra rewards. Only comfort is it should rotate to another mini boss next week
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    While I will agree with you that Death's Embrace has no place in map 2, i disagree on Nameless Thanos being harder. Hela with the Death's Embrace node is too complicated to face in map 2 and I have faced a similar problem in my alliance with some of the stronger player having to join the lower level maps to help because the players can't deal with her. I don't understand why Kabam added that node to her and I consider it to be completely unfair of them.
    To your other point though, Nameless Thanos is much easier than kingpin especially in map 2. Remember that in map 2 there are no sp3s so no one can hit you with an unblockable move. His specials are incredibly easy to dodge once you learn their timing. Knowing those to facts simply just makes it a longer but much easier fight than kingpin
  • Yeah the Hela with Death's Embrace is just really stupid for map2. She spends way too much time being unstoppable for a map 2 MINI boss... our map 2 folks don't want to run AQ anymore after facing her a few times.
  • MagonusMagonus Posts: 50
    @mostlyharmlessn @icm4266 @Wolfrhk Thanks everyone. Appreciate your thoughts and yes I agree, my mention earlier that nameless thanos main boss being harder than kingpin was incorrect. I think i was just so overwhelmed by the 2 Hela mini-boss fights, and teams were so depleted, it just felt that way. The delta between old boss Kingpin and new boss Thanos is not a big deal..... the two Hela mini-bosses are very wrong for MAP2. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit Please look into. I think the next mini boss might be Cull Obsidian, then Vision (Classic).... we'll see how they go.
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    @Magonus cull should be a pretty straight forward fight for map 2 depending on the nodes. Vision may be slightly more difficult for your smaller profiles. If you have guys with magik you may want to have them split between the bgs especially if that vision has power gain or extended buff duration
  • MagonusMagonus Posts: 50
    @Dshu Unfortunately no Magik. My top champs are 5 star ultron, gwenpool, ghost rider and modok. They all have PI 8300-8600. Then I have some 4 stars with PI 6000-6300 of AA, Thor (orig), deadpool Xforce and Venom.

    My alliance mate has just gwenpool and hulk rag as 5 stars (PI ~8150), then a 4/5 mix of 10 others with PI 5900-6500 of Mordo, Falcon, Loki, Gambit, gwenpool, kingpin, Thor (orig), AA, spidey stark and Cable....
  • DshuDshu Posts: 828
    @Magonus dont worry too much about pi its really a bad measure of the champs. Also 4*s are still great for aq so check with the guys and gals in your bgs and try to find a few counters. You can look me up in game I'm the same name. I'm happy to chat on line or group me if you are looking for ways to counter the new champs and content
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