Best champions for aegis node in AW?

Is electro gonna reflect damage even tho he is not taking any?


  • Only_AlonerOnly_Aloner Posts: 141
  • Scrubkiller_1Scrubkiller_1 Posts: 95
    To put on? Thor rags or rhino. To fight it? Emma frost.
  • BenQcSlayerBenQcSlayer Posts: 829 ★★★
    I thought any champion that is hard to stun.... Domino, black panther , havok... ebony maw...

    If you fight the Aegis node.... and you can stun the defender, any champion that as 3-4 hits from a heavy.... hyperion could be a choice
  • BenQcSlayerBenQcSlayer Posts: 829 ★★★
    Actually.... Mordo could be a pain
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 2,335 ★★★★★

    Actually.... Mordo could be a pain

    Night Thrasher makes easy work of Mordo, at least for the heavies. The intercepts are way too dependent on him doing something other than standing in the corner waiting to sp3 you.
  • Noob2435Noob2435 Posts: 627 ★★★
    To put on probably darkhawk or maybe Emma to fight it Hyperion works the best for me
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