Act 5 tips

I’m getting ready to start act 5 but still need to rank up champs to get through act 5. I really wanna get uncollected, so any tips or rank ups I should do.


  • Only_AlonerOnly_Aloner Posts: 141
    Very universal champ in your roster is cap iw
  • HendrossHendross Posts: 618 ★★★
    The usual suspects, in no particular order; Quake, Cap IW, Hyperion, Corvus
  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 934 ★★★
    edited June 2019
    You need to rank up some champs first, id say. But if you take the easy paths, the first 12 runs arent that bad. The last 3 maps are a bit troublesome, especially the 10th. but with practice it can be done.
  • HfchangHfchang Posts: 186
    Hyperion, cap iw, venom the duck all at 5/50.
    Corvus at 4* level becomes obsolete after 5.1 because of size of health pools.
  • MCoC_fanMCoC_fan Posts: 97
    Corvus cap iw Hyperion magik gr and venom the duck quake morning star and wolverine
  • ArsozArsoz Posts: 651 ★★★
    You wont get far probaly only 1 fight in chapter 1
  • SlayerOfGodsSlayerOfGods Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    Arsoz said:

    You wont get far probaly only 1 fight in chapter 1

    I cleared Ch 2 with 4/40s.
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