Node Misspellings

Dear Kabam,

I have noticed in a few node descriptions some word misspellings. For Limber, "recieves" should be "receives." For Transducer, "it's" should be "its." I have attached an image showing these two nodes together (during the Storm boss in Act 5.2.4), but I'm unsure if this misspelling is present in other areas of the game.

Also, in the Mastery Tree I noticed that after the update which changed the name of "Utility" to "Proficiencies," the word "Utility" is still present in the masteries which require a certain number of points to unlock such as Mystic Dispersion as shown below.

I know these issues are "cosmetic," but fixing them will go a long way in presenting this game in a more professional light.


  • Daniel930702Daniel930702 Posts: 48
    We have more dire bugs and issues to address compared to spelling mistakes
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