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Cavalier/Thronebreaker: 5-Star
Paragon/Valiant: 6-Star

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July 4th whale out- happy or sad?

AldacAldac Posts: 473 ★★★
edited July 2019 in General Discussion
If you took advantage of the July 4th offers for the various 5-star/6-star crystal shards, on balance were you happy or sad with the results? A couple of guys in my alliance pulled a good champ but but it seems meme champs were on the warpath this year, at least in my 5 and 6 star roster 😫

I remember this time last year and being super hyped afterwards- the Marvellous crystal
from the top unit offer was a huge plus and meant everyone who got it was guaranteed a good new champ. I think I’ll find it difficult to get that hyped to spend so much again.

Yes, the free 5–star shards were great and all the other stuff is technically free in addition to the units but we all approach July 4th like MCOC Christmas so it’s hard not to feel hard done by when you have poop in your stocking 😫

Trolls, troll away. It’s just a **** poll.

July 4th whale out- happy or sad? 54 votes

Happy! 😍
BrandonmballouraffsterG0311ErkPeterQuillcx23433Reverend_RuckusPrylankzeitueColinwhitworth69Cosmicspiderman777UHJ69StevieManWonder-sixate-EtjamaKG05_1JerkobsonArsozDadder_345popsFrostyNickel 23 votes
Sad 😫
SnakeEyes69JestressRikuremaCheeseontoast1Greifmaster911NiradyuwKillSwitchAldacX_Factor_AgentẞlооdSquishyjrThe_4THLegionnaireBrudixTree 14 votes
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Timone147NoıreWîndšpäveHammerbro_64TimrosCupidRishikSnoog37Falcons01MC2707Drooped2Nothing_hereFreeToPlay_21diegobdias84Wade420wilson69bb_81deepblack12 17 votes


  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    Sad 😫
    4 star miles moralis
    4 star kinpin
    4 star kamala khan
    5 star cyclops
  • AldacAldac Posts: 473 ★★★
    Sad 😫
    So perhaps we should view July 4th purely in terms of ranking up instead of for pulling champs
    we’re waiting for. Both the top unit offers were certainly rank-up focused.
  • UHJ69UHJ69 Posts: 132
    edited July 2019
    Happy! 😍
    Highlights were 6* Korg and Corvus, 5* Heimdall, Ghulk and Magik, plus enough resources to r5 Sparky and still r2 Corvus. I'm EXTREMELY happy!
  • AldacAldac Posts: 473 ★★★
    Sad 😫
    Damn, congrats man 🙌
  • Greifmaster911Greifmaster911 Posts: 316 ★★
    Sad 😫
    3 bad 5 stars and a really **** 6 star featured
  • ConnectConnect Posts: 197
    I didn’t touch the offer was I tempted?
    Hell yeah, but it’s the saying patience is a virtue so I’ll be using the $100 saved getting my shoes polished.
  • JerkobsonJerkobson Posts: 163 ★★
    Happy! 😍

    Can’t complain.
  • KG05_1KG05_1 Posts: 59
    edited July 2019
    Happy! 😍
    Didn’t spend much but I pulled 5* Rulk and Gulk and duped my 5* Omega red
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,846 ★★★★★
    UHJ69 said:

    Highlights were 6* Korg and Corvus, 5* Heimdall, Ghulk and Magik, plus enough resources to r5 Sparky and still r2 Corvus. I'm EXTREMELY happy!

    That’s a lovely made up fairytale.

    Now stop crying and tell us about the Hulkbuster and cyclops you pulled.
  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 1,532 ★★★★★
    Happy! 😍

    Duped 6* Sentinel. Pulled Ægon from a basic and had a skill AG and rank up gems and sigs to max him out and took Ghost to R5..... I'm pretty happy with that!!
  • Dadder_345popsDadder_345pops Posts: 8
    Happy! 😍
    Really happy I pulled a 4*Nick fury
  • digital-SOBdigital-SOB Posts: 258 ★★
    Two 6* crystals-
    DarkHawk x2 (awakened & my first 6*)
    Seven feature 5* crystals-
    Cull, Doc Oc (first pulls)
    Carnage, OG Cap Marvel, Antman (first duplicate) and Loki (3rd dup)

    A 6* dup and 5* Cull, DocOct and Carnage made my day but I expected better champs from featured crystals!
  • KrazewulfosKrazewulfos Posts: 165
    Got to r5 blade, and have mats to r4 anyone else I want. Pulled 6* angela and 5* omega red. But also pulled 5* RR from 15k shard crystal. Half and half.
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