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Buff ebony maw

Something needs to be done with ebony maws damage. I understand his physical attacks should not be high but his degen damage needs to be higher. Plus his persistent charges really don’t do much. He needs to be buffed or something. He is the leader of the black order and thanos right hand man. Black tongue also takes forever to activate. Please do something mystics need better champs


  • digital-SOBdigital-SOB Posts: 258 ★★
    He’s a defensive champ made for the new AW nodes and also to counter guaranteed crit champs like Ghost. Don’t use him for attack, problem solved lol
  • I agree with Suprman26. He is an absolute waste right now. I see no decent placement for him in AW. If he is to be a defender in AW, them give him abilities that help him. Auto block, evade, immunity to debuffs, mental shielding, something. Who he is ok against is very specific and what he does can be done by other characters better. Being the leader of the group, he should in essence be better. At this point what node do people think he is best on?
  • @BadWolf202 no the problem isn’t solved, his damage is so bad that he isn’t even effective in war. Plus ppl who know how to use ghost can fight with out triggering crit. Personally think kabam should not make champs for only defense also.
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