3.5 mil alliance recruiting 1 or 2 new members!!



My alliance is currently looking for a few people potentially over 75K and that will remain loyal to the group because typically we've become a family. Right now we run 2-3 wars a week and try to run as many Alliance Quests as we can to get Glory (normally maps 2 and 3, but we have been trying out map 5).

LINE is a must for communication purposes in which we have at least 2 chats you must join, one being announcements and the other is going to be the chat for which battlegroup you will be assigned. We do have a general chat for getting to know one another and to seek more help from the alliance, which we will invite you to, but you don't have to join if you choose not to.

Please look up [MSoD] Mercenaries of Death to join. Any questions you may have please drop our leader a message on the game (First One Down) or on LINE (ID: Hollowz1).


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