Act 5.2 collector

Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 4,180 ★★★★★
So, after practising with bane nodes I managed to get through 5.2.5 bane with daredevil Netflix as boss. So now, All that is left to do is take on the collector and become uncollected. I dunno if I am ready for cavalier because I don’t have a strong enough roster yet. This is my roster and some of my good 5 stars are rank 3 will rank 4 some of them if I max out on t2 alphas. I am thinking of maxing out some of the 4 stars as well since you can still use them everywhere except act 6. As for units, I am thinking of grinding around 1000 units before taking down the Collector. Will that be enough and from my roster who should I take for my first run against the Collector? I watched many videos and read guides but I am still nervous about facing the collector. All tips are welcome.


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    ZeepZorpZeepZorp Posts: 111 ★★
    Grinding 1k units should be enough. Your roster looks strong enough to take the Collector down as well. Good luck with it.
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    NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Dont be to nervous. I think the hype makes ppl more nervous than the actual fight. My main tip is to be careful about using units for health pots once u get him down. The specials will kill u no matter your health if u dont evade them so those extra health pots will just be wasted. I would just use revives if u need them.
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    Tony886Tony886 Posts: 659 ★★
    I think ghost,mordo,sparky,medusa/corvus,iceman team i will choose from your roster
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    MawrCalleachMawrCalleach Posts: 260
    If you are good with quake,you can go through the whole quest without starting bane up to the collector,there it's just do as much dmg as possible and revive. I did it this way, used just 3 team revives on collector,none on the path leading up to him.
    I would take quake,ghost,wasp,heimdall and whoever (sparky/medusa/corvus)
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    mrclever8mrclever8 Posts: 12
    I would use red skull people always underestimate him but if played right he stop the opponent from ever getting to the special 3.
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    JaafarmhammmmadJaafarmhammmmad Posts: 13
    Im not trying to brag or something..but trust me the collecter fight isn't that hard..i mean i expected a high lvl of difficulty..ended up using only 5 single revives on capIW..no deaths b4 collecter fight tho
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    Mr_incredibl3Mr_incredibl3 Posts: 104
    Drooped2 said:

    Stark is a God for collector.

    I'd run

    Prob aegon most of the path for charges (minus corvus charge fights)

    Yeah thats the team I whould have told you
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    tiddytiddy Posts: 8
    Do a few practice runs before committing resources. It helps get familiar with the debuff's.
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    HendrossHendross Posts: 951 ★★★
    edited July 2019
    The most important advice on the Collector imho is to wait a second after parry. If he shrugs it you'll be combo'd into oblivion. Your roster is sufficient for uncollected. Go the Spidergwen route or bring someone e.g Corvus for Iceman.
    You can not Quake and bake the Collector either.
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    PseudouberPseudouber Posts: 759 ★★★
    You have a duped Hulk. Just rank him up and use the heimdal synergy and keep using small revives. If you have Thor Rag your set for it to be even easier. It was pretty easy. I use like 8 small revives
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    MCoC_fanMCoC_fan Posts: 97
    A good team should be Heimdall, Corvus, ægon, sparky, and quake. Also I did the collected with a greater champion boost, normal attacked boost, and greater health boost with 300 units and my team was Corvus and z bones at 5/50 magik at 3/45 quake at 2/35 and Hyperion at 4/40 you should be able to do it easy with this team.
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    Tireck20Tireck20 Posts: 29
    I could say you 160 units but i dont know how you play, so maybe 500 units for collector will be good, you could use corvus, iceman and ghost to clear the line (maybe only ghost with wasp if you practice a lot) and spiderman ms to defeat the collector, the first part of the collector is easy and spiderman will evade his SA and the last part of collector maybe you will die sometimes and then you will need the units, a tip is dont health your champs, only need buy some revives lvl 2 (40 units) and play again.
    Is more easy start again if you die in some part of the path than revive your champs again, for energy you will need 30 units, for revive one champ you will need 40 units.

    Save the units for the collector only, with revive lvl 2 you will defeat him and you could have 12 tries if you save 500 units (40x12).
    You watched the videos and guides, so you are prepared to beat him, is normal be nervious but is ok, is a door to jump the next good level of rewards.

    Sorry for my english
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