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4☆ viable against Map 5 miniboss?

winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,196 ★★★★★
Tried Map 5 for the first time. Took on first miniboss Morningstar (buffed by All-or-nothing, plus others) using 4☆ Vision (AOU).

Timed out but more importantly I ended fight almost dead.

1/ Is 4☆ viable against Map 5 miniboss? Need higher tier? Or just me with wrong champ and wrong skill?
2/ Blocking is :s


  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 889 ★★★★
    edited July 2019
    Blade will probably bleed out. I use a 4* Luke Cage on her and can usually clear it without timing out. The second mini is tougher. Basically you want to bait her sp1 until you're just below two bars and hopefully have a good stack of exhaustion on her. Hit sp1 then try to stun lock. Try MLLM MLLLL sp1. Eventually you run out of energy and tank a sp3, then start over. You'll need max stupefy mastery.
  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★
    Vision damage is low but he's double immune so he can enjoy advantages of suicides without having to suffer from it's detrimental effects. Block damage is problem that can by bypassed by intercepting instead of parrying
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★
    edited July 2019
    Domino shrugs off the non stacking bleeds enough that

    1 it mitigates damage
    2 it gives her tons of power for lots of devastating specials.
  • WrathfulRavenWrathfulRaven Posts: 74
    I was doing that fight with a 4* GR. You will most likely time out on later days but you can just use his regen to bring him back up. It’s a pain but doable. Once fought him three times like this before he finally died hahaha. Take it slow. Bait the sp1 no matter what unless you have the sp2 perfectly down already.
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 2,004 ★★★★
    Yeah I use 4* gr as well, often takes me two fights but I can finish the second fight with full health, his healing is so good once you learn how to use him, main point is bait the l1s
  • ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 784 ★★★★
    To the OP, the viability of using 4* against the mini boss depends on the prestige of your alliance.
    Higher prestige means bigger health pool and attack for the mini boss.
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