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What character/s do you want to see next the most?

BUZZdog3000BUZZdog3000 Posts: 457 ★★
edited August 2017 in General Discussion

What character/s do you want to see next the most? 11 votes

Fantastic 4 (villains included)
Dexman1349Captain_Maim 2 votes
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Suskanut 1 vote
Nick Fury (comic and mcu)
Timone147 1 vote
Iron man mk1 suit
Earth 8101 characters
Shrek03 1 vote
Quick silver (but fast unlike the mcu version that dies by bullets!!)
YellsomeSummonerB2 2 votes
All of these
BUZZdog3000 1 vote
None of the above cause there is something wrong with me.
Pera5AxeCopFireKlyntar_Rage1 3 votes


  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    edited August 2017
    Fantastic 4 (villains included)
    The foundations for the Fantastic 4 already exist in the game.

    Iceman can be modified to be the Torch
    Hulk/Abom. --> Thing
    Khan --> Mr Fantastic (please add buffs if this happens)
    A combo of Hood/Civil Warrior for the Invisible Girl (hood's invisibility, CW's SP1)
    Goblin --> Silver Surfer

    There is just no push to add them because their movies have sucked.
  • KobaltKobalt Posts: 29
    What about the 1 that gave Marvel its first success and movies BLADE!!!!!
  • Shrek03Shrek03 Posts: 14
    Earth 8101 characters
    Earth 8101 would be overpowered but awesome
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