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A.I. Allowed to fight past timer in AQ?!

Curious, when I fight in AQ and I save my l3 for the last moment in the fight, capt marvel for example and in case, since it only makes sense with her, (she gets stronger with more power bar), how is it that the timer is at 0:00 when Im in my special attack but the A.I. Is still allowed to attack with their special after??? I feel this is very unfair and needs to be addressed immediately. I have photographed an example and do to the unfair nature it had made me loss multiple champs due to frustration with the unequality in the game. I love the game but if you make the rules you should definitely be following them as well as us! Thanks for you're time


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    MrWigglesMrWiggles Posts: 54
    edited August 2017
    Any time I've ever seen an AI swing at me past the timer it looks like they are hitting the air in front of me. Sucks that's an issue for you
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