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Killmonger (Any Champion with passive Armor buffs) vs Havok

Question regarding the interaction between Killmonger and any other champions with Passive Armor (Sentinel with Sp3, Iron Man IW) why does each of them take damage vs Havok and his plasma buildup when their passive armor is up when essentially they have the same functions as a normal Armor Buff? I feel like there’s a discrepancy between the in game definitions of certain aspects of the game that make it tougher for us who don’t spend as much as the other players and don’t have the exact counters to certain damage in game that makes no sense on why it’s there. where clarified definitions would make the game simpler and more enjoyable.

Also come to think of it, Domino Still triggers critical failure in Variant 3 as well when using a tech champion and they’re immune to Ability Accuracy modifications. (Critical Failure triggers when an ability fails due to her in built AA reduction) I hope you guys respond because I’m generally curious with these issues.



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    Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 13,842 ★★★★★
    Armor up's main ability is to increase the armor rating.
    Having said that, there are armor up BUFFS, ans armor up passive's. A buff is not a passive ability, and vice-versa.
    For havoc ability, it specifically states it is countered by armor up buffs. Therefore passive armors wont work.

    The distinction on buffs and passive abilities is to create different scenarios and counters from one and the other. Passive armor aren't buffs and can't be nullified for example, but can't be removed by armor break debuffs as well. Armor up buffs can be nullified and be removed by armor break debuffs
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    RedTide75RedTide75 Posts: 29
    There are YouTube vids basically saying same thing... if it’s passive then it doesn’t count as armor up buff.
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