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I need an alliance.

Here are my top champs and stats. I can r5 another champ just haven’t decided who yet. Not sure my prestige but think it’s close to 8,000


  • missyuamissyua Posts: 104
    Hit me up on LINE if you’re still looking.. missyua18
  • Ecu_pirateEcu_pirate Posts: 5
    If you would like to get in a fresh ally and help build it right hit me up. Have officer spots available.
  • Hitman0285Hitman0285 Posts: 47
    Might be able to help you. Line is korngrower
  • SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 222
    We do map 5 in all BGs. AW is optional.
    No requirements just active in AQ.
    If you are interested add me in-game or through line app at "Superman.ca"
  • silentagsilentag Posts: 429 ★★★
    Sent you friend request in game, Rocca. I can chat with you on line at silentag as well if you want to chat.
  • MaxxtronMaxxtron Posts: 29
    Would be glad to talk with you. Just sent you an in-game friend request.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 442
    @Roccaworld if you are still looking please hit me up on line at zbot34. Would very much like to talk to see what you are looking for in an alliance. Thanks
  • dfresh81dfresh81 Posts: 49
    Hit me on line dfresh81
  • If u r still looking, we will definitely use ur help, we r doing 4.4.3 right now and back to back wars once the season starts, if interested hit me up on LINE : noobmaster_69
  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 417
    we are doing 55544 currently... if interested check by our alliance tag & contact: "INDWB"
  • PC1996PC1996 Posts: 59
    We're an AW focused Ally doing gold 1, line is patc96 if your interested!
  • You could check out the Children of Thanos. Message me for more information here or at the game. The username is "Kavaxas".
  • Hi!
    Can you add me on line app: Marije -§ÏN6B-
    Or In-game: Marije19

    We run map 5&6, top 500 aq.
    Gold 1 in war.
  • SoftCakeSoftCake Posts: 63
    Hi Rocca.
    We do map 4 and 5.
    Plat 3.
    No minimums..

    Alli tag is

    Hit me on line app

    ID: gorgonzolachs
  • Lord_PhazerLord_Phazer Posts: 26
    Yo man, if you haven't got your desired ally, hit me up on lineID- phazer12. We are a Gold1 alliance with 5X5 Aq, average score 150M.
  • RtomMADRtomMAD Posts: 195

  • Rocca. Please check out tag SNN26.
  • Add me on line it’s 2004lego
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