Old dog looking for active but relaxed alliance

Any alliances looking for an active player without Line requirements? I play a lot, but I want the game to be fun, and I don't want to feel pressured.


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    NeofrackNeofrack Posts: 41
    What about discord app ? We're a pretty new ally that consist of active members in the majority, we aim to play actively, but cause we are just starting, right now things are pretty chill(just playing map4 1 bg), the only requirement is to download discord for communication.

    If youre interested, let me know
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    ahock101ahock101 Posts: 118
    We don't require line app we run map 4 most of the week and we are running 2 bgs in silver 1 tier 8 wars, no donations required all we ask is that if you join war or aq then you participate
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    Try us [HT!EM] United Front
    We are open looking for players with approx 200,000
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    PalistesPalistes Posts: 161 ★★
    Thanks for the responses! I really appreciate it! I'm going to weigh my options.
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