Summoner looking for active alliance

I am relatively new to this great game. My hero rating is around 25k. I currently have 44 champions. I am currently in an alliance that is not very active and I joined this alliance when I first started playing. I am a very active player that wants to get better and participate in alliance wars. Please reply if your alliance is looking for a motivated Summoner with lots of potential. Thank you for reading.


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    What rating u r at now??
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    spino0ospino0o Posts: 54
    You're welcome to check us out. We currently run 3 AQ maps (3.2.1), but are working hard to progress to 4.3.2. We run 2 optional AW battlegroups, meaning members can either focus on AQ or AW (though most play both). And we hit rank rewards on alliance events about half the time. Overall, we're a pretty active group, with a mix of players ready to go uncollected and beginners, though we're in the process of kicking a few less active players (why we're running lower-than-desired AQ maps) For AW, we do prefer 4*r5/5*r3, so it might be a while before you can participate. But feel free to join up and check us out for a while. No chat apps required, no donations, minimal policing. If you're active, we're happy.

    In-game: spino0o

    Alliance tag: [BwhoC]
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    EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    You can check out my alliance. We mainly do aw, though we sometimes do map 3. We could use some more active players. My username is Edeuink and my alliance is [ij3] Joey mcobob
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    NeofrackNeofrack Posts: 41
    We're an active alliance that wants to make new/intermediate players grow. The only requirements is to donwload Discord App for communication, let me know if you're interested.
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