Getting back into it and need help

Good afternoon guys,


I’ve been searching online and seem unable to find any solid advice, so I thought maybe someone on here could answer or point me in the right direction.

Bit of background, played this game last year and got to level 40ish just messing about, and I have just started again and have played every day for the last month, what I’m trying to find is a strategy or guide that will tell me what’s the best thing to spend my time, units, masteries on etc, I have bought the summoner's sigil for the month as well. I have also 100% act 1, 2, and 3 and now trying to work through act 4 but am struggling with my heros.

I’ve heard a lot of rules people say are a must like not spending units on the specialist crystals, and unlocking Parry as early as possible, is there a sticky or a guide that I’m just being stupid and can’t find?

My 4 star heroes are Quake, Ghost, Ms Marvel, Dormammu all rank 4 level 40. Mister Sinister, Crossbones, Black Panther, Joe Fixit, Ant-man rank 3 level 30. And then these are all rank 1 level 1 Green goblin, The Hood, Annihulus, Vision, Spiderman (miles) Duped, Karnak, Loki, Gamora, Moon Knight, Juggernaut

What I’d like to know is

Who should I upgrade?

Should I upgrade any of my 3 stars?

How do I get tier 4 catalysts so I can upgrade my higher level champions? Completing daily proving grounds seems to get me so little.

What should I be spending my units on?

What should I be spending my battlechips on?

What should I be spending my Glory units on?

Is there a set standard of what to use energy on everyday? I usually do the proving grounds first, then event quests then left over energy on story?

I know this is a lot of questions, but any help would be appreciated.

Even if its links to sites I may have missed that are obvious to people who have been playing this game for a long time

Thanks in advance!


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    I wouldn't upgrade any three stars with where you're at right now, your four stars should be able to handle it just fine. In terms of your rank three and below four stars, I'd say your best champs are gamora, crossbones, and mister sinister. Ranking any of them would be pretty good for you. You could also rank antman or hood if you want to bring them along for their synergies with ghost. I don't know how good you are with her, but if you got really comfortable with her playstyle you could probably get uncollected with that team.

    Tier four cats are easiest to come by by doing alliance quest. It takes a while, but once you get uncollected it speeds up quite a bit. Mostly its just waiting in all honesty

    I would recommend spending lots of units on your mastery set up. There's lots of resources for which are the best ones, but until you have a pretty big tree in those, that's where I recommend going with that.

    Battlechips are pretty much exclusively for arena crystals.

    When I was where you're at now, I spent glory on t4b and t1As. I think that was the right way to go

    Where you should use energy changes a lot. Proving grounds is good, but I think that until you have at least completed Act 4, you should focus on story. The monthly quest is also pretty good as well.

    I hope that helps!
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    Seatin, on youtube, has a really good beginner's guide that will answer all your questions and more.

    He also has a Tier list of best champs.
    There are a LOT of opinions about his list, but it has NEVER steered me wrong.

    He has an OFFENSE focus. His theory is: the faster a fight is over, the fewer mistakes you can make.
  • Thanks very much guys, I'll watch some YouTube videos and try and digest as much help and info as possible
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