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  • Yeah, I wouldn't support this change. They need to fix the things that are relevant to a larger audience. Most active players can finish all of those quests in a couple of months and those of us who have been playing for a while surely have completed them already. There's still work to be done on the rewards for solo…
  • Even with the change to AA to prevent him from stunning stun immune he's still an r4 worthy champ. Unless they take away Iceman's immunity, prevent evade champs from being impacted by coldsnap and no longer allow Iceman to tank an sp3 then he's worth the r4. Personally I still find him to be a top 3 option for the Mutant…
  • That's was pretty much my first statement, the requirement really shouldn't exist especially not for those who have achieved uncollected status. It's a clear money grab that's why they sell the key for units, it should just be open.
  • It could be nice to have a global and an uncollected global (kind of like a high level forums section for some mmos that I have played in the past). This could prevent those global trolls who create and account and just spam and troll global until it gets banned and repeat. At least if uncollected the user has put a decent…
  • Pool is horrid barely any usable unduped heros in this batch. Unless you get lucky and grab one of the 2-3 decent ones it's a complete waste of a pull. I'd save until either featured is released (hoping it's off the old style not the new style for 5*) or until the pool is increased. It's getting really obnoxious with the…
  • None of these. Blade/DD Classic/Gwenpool if you have all of those it's the next tier down Crossbones/Black Widow (requires high sig) or Elektra (doesn't need to be awakened).
  • Neither of those champions is worth a generic. Ultron gains a small amount of regen on energy based attacks and Magik becomes a good defender awakened at a high sig level. Both are pretty good unduped, and neither are likely going to be a difference makers as an awakened 4*.
  • Don't worry though they're excited to watch and expect you to keep reviving your voodoo until it's fixed.
  • Looking for another person as we continue to work towards bumping our prestige up a bit. Addme in game if interested.
  • Deleted the app and reinstalled problem appears to have gone away.
  • I've been restarting the game (not like it matters it restarts every time I want to switch between Line and game now anyway on IOS) but haven't tried restarting the phone. I'll give it a shot.
  • Also if it helps - I'm using an Iphone 7+ on the latest IOS and MCOC versions.
  • The content is beatable with 4/40 and 5/50 champs, I've been doing it that way myself and usually get all the way through without losing any champs (every now and then I get a starburst node or a UB1 node and iceman which I'm bad at and I lose a champ). It takes skill and some luck on reasonable buffs. It's only 200 5*…
  • Are you still looking? We're 5x5 so not the most laid back but still competitive. Our donations are relatively low for a 5x5 100% ally because we have some folks who donate a lot more than others (75k g 25kbc 10k loy). I sent you an add req in game to chat if interested.
  • Still looking, add if interested.
  • If still looking we're a 6M Alliance typically run map 4/5 we have easy to hit minimums and donations and line is a must. Friend me in game (same name) if interested.
  • I'd just wait until you dupe something else unless you think you really need one of these to get through a piece of content you are struggling with. Then probably Wolvie since he has good bleeds and is a great champ once you do finally dupe.
    en WHICH 4* TO R4? Comentario por Coors_lt junio 2017
  • Yeah happening to me and is the current topic of my Ally's LINE chat