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  • Is there only 1 difficulty setting for this? I can never get past the first fight. It's a completely useless event for me.
  • The way I see this deal for me is $10 for a 4 and 5 star since I do play both still currently at level 53. I now have an army of 4* with many awakened and about 6 5* with none awakened. $10 for a crapshoot 4* that eventually I will stop playing once I get enough 5* like the 2 and 3 stars and a crapshoot 5* waiting in the…
  • So this is really a thing? I thought it was because it was my new phone and it's just extra touchy. I searched in game and on my phone for game play settings to make it less sensitive. I haven't dared to do anything overly challenging because of this issue.
    en Gameplay Comentario por Sly1 agosto 2019
  • Arenas is definitely where the gold is. I used to grind them plus quest whenever I could and had more gold than I could spend. I used to laugh when I got gold crystals. The past few weeks I've hardly touched arenas and now I'm always broke scraping to find enough to level my guys.
    en We need gold !!! Comentario por Sly1 julio 2019
  • Joe Fixit. He starts out like Abomination and than I forget every single time he pulls out his machine gun next.
  • This is why I stopped trying in arenas, regardless what the top prize is. I just do arenas when I feel like it and collect the milestones. 800k is a lot of playing for me.
  • It must be 1 hell of a profile pic to have to collect beacons and wait months to get it. Does it come with an Apple pie?
    en Beacon let down Comentario por Sly1 junio 2019
  • I just used a 4* AG on my classic Daredevil yesterday. I guess it just increases the chance of evading projectiles. Either way, I'm pretty happy with his damage output and stun ability.
    en Classic Daredivil Comentario por Sly1 junio 2019
  • I only do 1 roll per new crystal as long as I have the units. I get what I get and move on playing with what I got. I haven't played long enough to hope and spend to get specific champions.
  • Agent Venom. How many variations of Venom are needed?
  • I spend once in awhile, but I won't spend more than $30 for anything no matter how juicy it looks. I think the packages are overpriced. I play often, but carefully use my energy refills. Been playing since January and am most of the way through the 4th chapter in the story. I would say an average skilled player slowly…
  • I see this a lot. This is why I like to use power draining champs. They don't seem to know how to fight when you keep zapping away their power.
  • I stopped trying awhile ago. Only champ I have gotten was a 3* Captain America. Usually I get between 600k to 800k and land around the 25% to 50% mark. I don't have many 4* and 5* champs, so usually not more than 400k.. on a weekend where I can play a bit more. I look at arenas now as more rewards from daily goals. At…
  • Well, the 2 times I have fought Human Torch in arenas within my rating, his incineration has killed me. Basically, the other guy just stands there while I kill myself beating on him by the time I hit my first SP1. In the event he wasn't even close to that bad.
    en Who is better? Comentario por Sly1 mayo 2019
  • Change Groot's SP1 to a flower sprouting.
  • The same, but I've only been playing 4 months. I would play more if it weren't for quest energy.
  • Spending units on crystals with an 80% chance for 2*.
  • That's what I do with Arena crystals - 45000 gold and 15 units. "Alright! Units!"
  • Unblockable is just a lazy way of combatting character power. Better ways to go about it. I've dealt with similar dev decisions in another game and I just flat out avoided that part of the game. Eventually it led to me all together quitting.
  • Groot if I'm playing him. Hyperion and Iron Man Infinity War if I'm playing against them.
  • Taskmaster and than Iron Fist. Haven't been playing very long, but don't remember how I got them.
  • I have been playing less than 2 months I think. It was a week, maybe 2, before I spent any money. I was spending $5 here, $20 there, but after awhile, I realized my champions were making little progress. I think it's ridiculous to spend $50 to $100 for any of those packages. To each their own, but I haven't spent any $…