**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.


  • We use line. Map 5 and gold 3 trying to get back to g2. Line Desi616 alliance tag BLOme (I inherited the name)
  • I paid the extra $5 each week and finished camp early, but the prizes showed "locked" so I did not get the 6400 6 star shards because I picked what was unlocked. are they doing more tokens before the end? @"Kabam Miike"
  • added in game. are you opposed to Line?
  • you probably found something but we are gold1 aq map 5 with epic and master mods. most of my guys are thronebreaker or cavalier and could do higher than map 5 but don't want to. we do gold 1 because we can do pretty itemless. check up out. aliiance tag BLOme
    dans Gold 1 5x5 Commentaire de Desi_F616 juin 2021
  • you probably already found a group but we are Gold 1, map 5. I sent you an invitation
  • I have not 100% act 5 yet and I am cavalier. I pushed at the beginning of the year. the rewards are worth the push. you can do it without 100% act 5, just need the right champs for act 6.1. now your 6 stars are not super helpful yet but your 5 stars should get you there, you may just need to max a couple more to be…
  • Not sure if you are still looking but we need 1. we use line but I have discord for another game. Gold 1 war 3 bgs, AQ map 5, 5 days, 3 bgs, epic and master mods. most of my group has been together 3 years plus. come check us out. Alliance tag is BLOme (my guys totally created that one) and my game tag is Desi616. discord…
  • I have 6 star Ant-man, 6 star yellow jacket and 6 star wasp. He needs upgrading