Summer camp & resort

CushyCushy Posts: 33
Ok I’m not gonna lie this has confused the hell out of me. I have taken screen shots in the hips someone can explain all this to me.
Now I have collected the sunglasses every day and completed everything needed. I haven’t paid for anything extra as I’m ftp. But one says pending the whole time and the other I seem to have got no where. I haven’t opened up any of the next level rewards in the store. I’m thronebreaker and been playing the game since it opened so not a novice at all. Am I missing something blatantly obvious here?


  • CushyCushy Posts: 33

  • Scarcity27Scarcity27 Posts: 1,299 ★★★★
    You pay and unlock summer resort milestones. Summer camp milestones are free
  • CushyCushy Posts: 33
    But after almost a month of playing it I haven’t even unlocked the next section? Is that right?
  • Scarcity27Scarcity27 Posts: 1,299 ★★★★
    Cushy said:

    But after almost a month of playing it I haven’t even unlocked the next section? Is that right?

    If you're talking about the token rewards, yes. You get 1 token per week if you are ftp, and by spending tokens you unlock other rewards.
  • CushyCushy Posts: 33
    Fair enough, just thought I would be at least opening the next section by now but hey ho.
  • LouisW89LouisW89 Posts: 110
    It's like a 3 month event. Have patience
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 6,520 Guardian
    The “Resort” milestones unlock by making that real-money purchase (the 1st milestone “lock” symbol there should describe what is needed to get it unlocked, and then the milestones beyond that become unlocked as well)

    As for the “Store”, after the first 4 Store items, each additional item will require 1 more previous store item to be bought in order for next item to “unlock”. So after the 1st 4, just buy each next item in order as you accumulate each next “token”.
  • Desi_F616Desi_F616 Posts: 12
    I paid the extra $5 each week and finished camp early, but the prizes showed "locked" so I did not get the 6400 6 star shards because I picked what was unlocked. are they doing more tokens before the end? @Kabam Miike
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