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  • @DNA3000 I have had many struggles in the game. This one just takes the fun out of it. Maybe I’m just losing my interest. This will be the first content I have no desire to explore. Variant was extremely difficult but at least could be overcome with strategy from multiple champs. I’m just stating this is over the top and…
    dans 6.2.6 Champion Boss Commentaire de JRCrow juin 2019
  • 100% act 6.1 with little trouble and then this...
    dans 6.2.6 Champion Boss Commentaire de JRCrow juin 2019
  • I have never been stuck at a boss since I started playing this game. I spent 60 bucks and haven’t even come close to building up 5 dexterity against his special without dying. With 6 r5s and countless r4 champions I shouldn’t need one or two champs to complete content. I’m officially done spending money on this game is…
    dans 6.2.6 Champion Boss Commentaire de JRCrow juin 2019
  • Why not retool all these champs... if it takes till fall to release one of these terrible champs.. just clean house. It’s not like it shifts the meta of the game. I still haven’t ranked spider Gwen or she hulk after their update (Both 5*). This may just breath some much needed life back into the game.
  • Only have 2* wasp. Big factor there. I’ve 100% everything except last chapter of variant. I have no science or cosmic prospects and don’t want to pay kabam to finish. Mostly want to beef up for act 6
  • @"Kabam Miike" will electro be immune to these shock debuffs that 3.3 Ultron boss places? If he is immune, this should work correct?
  • Guys, There have been lots of upgrades to accommodate diversity and many resources spent. And with the addition of 6*, it makes these ranks even more pointless. I r4 a 5* kingpin but he is useless now. Especially with 6* kingpin out and prevalent in the community. I think a rank down ticket offer would be well received in…
  • Damn. 3:19 with 5/65 Gwen wasn’t enough. Guess I’ll just wait till I have a blade, or stark, or my triple duped spider Gwen
  • LINE ID: jrcrow05 if you want to chat
  • Personally don't think the labyrinth is worth exploring for the cost to benefit ratio. Most people at that level have plenty of t4cc... Shards are much easier to come by and t2a has become a bit easier. The simple fact that you get nothing for exploring 5 more paths is pathetic considering the cost it would ensue. I would…
  • I for one am very disappointed in the 'random' crystal opening. I have opened 3 Featured 5* Hood crystals and one was worse than the other. I opened two during his initial release and one last chance. It was antman. And my last basic was.... Antman. This is my 11th 5* crystal (4 featured) and antman is the only one that…