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Crystal Outcomes Aren't Random - Here's Why



  • Titan_A97Titan_A97 Posts: 179
    So you're essentially suggesting that there are "hotspots" where the atmospheric pressure and other factors are just right so the odds of pulling a desired character is enhanced?

    But I do agree, the champs I get from my 4* crystals don't seem really random to me. Out of the last 4-5 4* crystals I've opened, most of them seem to be 1st gen champs (like Iron Man, Captain America WW2, Hulk etc) much to my disappointment. :/
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 34,909 ★★★★★
    Mattylo wrote: »
    Crusher wrote: »
    I am kinda agree with op's analysis..... most of the time I got the champ from 4* crystal....which is currently ongoing in basic arena.... it is not totally random...

    OK then here is where it gets fun.

    If we assume that Kabam uses standard micro-payment methods crystal openings function on the server side from what I can see because you can not open a crystal without server communication(if it is not that way it should be made that way for security) so that means that all crystal openings occur under the same server conditions, in the same place, with the same ambient temperature.

    server loads and time of day vary, but if it was that simple there would be a leak of how on line by now after 2 years. And each person would be able to find a time of day that suits them to their benefit the one that gives them the "best odds". So the last remaining issue is player names which as far as the system knows is an alphanumeric ID code that is then translated into our game name as an external action, so people can not even choose that, so again we are at luck of the draw.

    So unless Kabam were keeping and monitoring spending habits and acting based on that, which they have said they do not, we are back to random.

    Unless you want to call Kabam liars the pulls are random or at least "random enough". Everything else is conspiracy theory and confirmation bias.

    Kabam has said that they do not monitor spending habits? I know that about a year back there was a way to you could figure out how much you've spent since creating your account. It was something like copying the URL of the 'Support link' in your in game profile (Kabam.force); then inserting the code into a generator.

    Again, I'd have to go back into my
    old 'Line' archived conversations and find the exact directions. But there was definitely a time where Kabam was definitely monitorig how much players were spending.

    Of course they know how much we've spent. They're the vendor.
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    NOW, comments about the topic at hand:
    I'm not sure whether this happens server-side or client-side
    I'm pretty sure we've made it abundantly clear that it's server-side. This is why some people may occasionally see lag in the spin reel where it appears they may have landed on one particular item, but then it pops up with something else. The reel is just animation on the device. Atmospheric pressure is not an RNG factor to crystal spins. ;)
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 966 ★★★★
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    On topic... I can tell you that I have had some weird pulls in the past (2/2 Antman on 2 4 star crystals once, ouch), but apart from that it's been random for me. Great info from DNA3000.
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  • JRCrowJRCrow Posts: 14
    I for one am very disappointed in the 'random' crystal opening. I have opened 3 Featured 5* Hood crystals and one was worse than the other. I opened two during his initial release and one last chance. It was antman. And my last basic was.... Antman. This is my 11th 5* crystal (4 featured) and antman is the only one that has been awakened. I have plenty of 5/50s and no 4/55 because I continue to get these 'random' terrible champs. I really find it difficult that one of the most exciting aspects of the game (opening a 5* featured) is so negative. We have a great alliance but nothing extreme and we certainly do not have 5* shards pouring in. This last one hit me hard and I have slowly been diminishing my excitement to play this game.

  • Jaemon512Jaemon512 Posts: 46
    17 years as a computer programmer, I can tell you with absolute authority that I have never once linked a random number generator to the atmospheric pressure. You are telling me that every single innocuous program that creates a "random" number in a grouping between two integers is connecting to atmospheric databases at all times?

    Even if that were the case, how can you explain opening 10 crystals at the exact same time? If you are timing the opening to a specific set of circumstances, then all 10 pulls, being done at the exact same time, would be identical.

  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,567 ★★★★★
    Seatin broadcasts just about everything. It's a misnomer that people think his luck is better. It's just because we see it. Other people get perferrable rolls everyday. They're just not on YouTube for us to notice.

    It's a misconception that misnomer means misconception. When you use misnomer to mean misconception, that's a misnomer.
  • I don't get why people are doing R&D here, programming languages have good random generators, even UUID generators, doesn't make any sense to me that Kabam is not using these... Anyway why does that even matters, what's truly relevant are the conditions that Kabam applies along those random generators (which could be seen as a wheel of fortune), for instance if there is a stock for each non base prizes (remember replace tablet with water bottle on NYC event?), if there are champs that have different chances, etc.! Now that's what really everyone should be asking for IMHO!
  • Alucard_0Alucard_0 Posts: 8
    Yea, I'm gonna have to agree, you need to step your game up kabam. I've ran 3 master runs, got the 1 star box every time. This has happened every event quest in the past 2 years. Just to be clear, I never spend. My roommate is in the same alliance, and does all the same quests. He spends hundreds a year and he has all the best champs because of his perceived "luck" when opening crystals. Shame on you kabam. For real. You make enough off of the top tier alliances, so cut the rest of us some slack. We can no longer enjoy this game because you give unfair advantages to people who spend. Its obvious there wouldn't be a discussion if we didn't see it with our own eyes.
  • ImranImran Posts: 587 ★★★
    I noticed something about crystal luck. Sometimes, it looks like totally random but sometimes it feels like it’s not random. I noticed something if I open a crystals in a specific day, specific time. The chance of pulling specific class champ higher than other class. Don't know it’s happen only to me or not. Also if I don't rank up my 2★ and 3★ champ, I keep pulling bad champ!
  • Elohim16Elohim16 Posts: 63
    There's nothing random about the crystals. Every time I need a certain skill catalyst for a champ that I'm currently ranking up, I open at least fifty crystals. The catalyst that I get the least is ALWAYS the catalyst that I'm opening the crystal for in the first place. And the disparity is so OBVIOUS. If I need two skill catalysts, and I open fifty crystals, I'd get something like this: 9, science, 10 mystic, 11 cosmic, 8 tech, 10 mutant, and 2 skill.

    Random? Yeah, right.
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