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  • Seems fair, and you are probably right. But still, they shifted priorities. I wouldn't have been bad for the player base to keep the synergy until they fixed the rest. While as the other issues are impacting the players, and they still decided the NF fix should be pushed first. I just hope they fix the update issues FAST,…
  • Agreed. And I just posted on another thread: I wouldn't mind the heads up (would help others to avoid spending just for the synergy), but they do this INSTEAD of fixing what they broke with the update first. Just too greedy.
  • Adding my piece of advise; I wouldn't mind the headsup on the "fix", helping other players avoid buying units to gamble for him without knowing upfront. But the fact that this was more important than fixing the update issues, just feels really greedy.
  • Well, NF is been out for a month. The rest more, and they broke them. Meaning, they are behind (not intentionally) the bugs of other champs. So I guess the priority should be to repair those they just broke and impacting platers, instead of fixing a new one that has been like this for a month and helping players. So it's…
  • Agreed; this is were I find this really upsetting. I bought units to gamble for Nick TODAY, I get him, start using him, and now "they fix it". Not cool.
  • The champ has been out a month, and I'm sure we are not the first to test him and conclude on how the sinergy was working. I bought an odin worth of units to get a NF and after using him less than a day, I get the stab on the back, I find this particular case not cool at all.
  • Question @"Kabam Miike" Maybeuse the workaround correctly for adding new members, we need to de-enlist, wait for attack /rewards to come, and in the small window between this and the begging of matchmaking, the change would need to happen right? This of course, still opens a possibility of not enlisting on time due to…
  • Same here and it's super upsetting. Also there is just no counter to Mesmerize gained from the boost gained, it took some effort and it's worthless to counter at all. There is also no counter boost to the node giving the opponent power gain for buffs. This is the first time I have felt so let down and upset that previous…
  • YESSSSS!!! FINALLY! Well done guys @"Kabam Lyra" , I'll let you know if something else comes up (hope it's not the case!)
  • So by this point, it's perfectly clear what is going on. Consumes any type of buff or debuff, instead of just the furies. I wonder if this could be solved from server or if the client really needs to be updated. @"Kabam Lyra"
  • Agreed, hopefully @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Lyra" can update the release notes to reflect the change. AW is intense spending due to this issue. Used to one shot Medusa before, but now I can't because I easily get cornered or block damaged to oblivion.
  • I only have the 5* undupped at 3/45 so can't make the same tests =(
    dans Cap IW 5* Issues Commentaire de KwAmOn septembre 2018
  • @Leiva_dark the mentioned it would in the quoted message, but since it didn't appear in the notes, I want to make sure Kabam can confirm this is really addressed for the release ; maybe adding that to the patch notes will give that clarity, I certainly don't feel it's fixed if it's not mentioned,when other issues had the…
  • @"Kabam Lyra" @"Kabam Lyra" I just went through notes for next release, and the only fixed issue is the Mystic Dispersion one. Are the notes missing the note on this issue also being fixed? Or will it be moving to the next update?
  • @"Kabam Lyra" was that resolved in a patch that came in a day or two ago?
  • @"Kabam Miike" did this get solved? I don't use Mordo to attack much so I haven't dived in the scenario. Should the thread be closed?
  • Hi guys, thanks for the many replies; so I have come to a self-agreement in terms of how I understand why these scenarios are happening, and I still think it should be looked at specific to the node exceptions, but so much is going on that I will focus on contributing to other topics like AQ, AW and MD+Dexterity :)
  • Well, I like this a lot, great My only concerns is in regards to timers as the rest mentioned. I think that 30min timers with all these changes to prestige and point scaling, plus diverse map and BG setups, just makes it the next move in favor of making the experience enjoyable and rewarding. Just sharing a great idea, I…
  • Well, I like this a lot, great job Kabam seriously. My only concerns is in regards to timers as the rest mentioned. I think that 30min timers with all these changes to prestige and point scaling, plus diverse map and BG setups, just makes sense to have. Why not pilot test it out @"Kabam DK" ? How about 30min timers in the…
  • I have planned to make some video on the subject to better analize the scenario, but due to times I haven't been on my computer. I'll try directly in iPhone to see for the next war
    dans Magik node 30 Commentaire de KwAmOn août 2018
  • Here the link to the other thread mentioned :
    dans Magik node 30 Commentaire de KwAmOn août 2018
  • So I know that the node moved to 29, but specifically with Blade I have seen that Danger Sense is not working as normal because Limbo should trigger way less. I'm going full trinity and getting that extra Limbo triggering to much. But I've also seen a post on Void's fear of the Void not working too, so I wonder is…
    dans Magik node 30 Commentaire de KwAmOn août 2018
  • IGN: KwAmOn Device, Model: Apple iPhone8 Device Operating System: iOS 11.4.1 Cellular, Wifi: Both Game Version Installed: 19.1 Game Mode: All Issues: 1)Spanish Translation reflecting "Fácil" (Easy) instead of Irreclamable (Uncollected) in the Gwenpool mission screen. 2)Champs with medium kick ending combo movements have…
  • Confirmed; OP can you edit title to account for all medium kicks? @"Kabam Zibiit" hey this for bugs to fix on next update.
    dans BlackBolt slow moves Commentaire de KwAmOn août 2018
  • Hey bro it's out there since yesterday, I've been testing out with all my alliance; you might have to get on WiFi and manually check for updates in the app store. I see we are getting mixed confirmations on performance, but so far in my alliance it's doing the trick.
  • I mean this post; @Jayda18 could you comment if you were successfully contacted by Kabam and hence this released update had to do with your input? Anything to share for insights?
  • Well after several tests in my alliance, at least for our case it seems to have finally resolved the issue. If we see anything specific to a model or scenario in which it's not working we will report back, thanks for the result so far guys! BTW, does this have to do with one users post that said he knew what it was, then…
  • Hi , it has worked for me so far, but I need further testing. Other 15 in my alliance also running tests with me, today we will be all landing conclusions and come back.
  • Hi @Ad0ra_ thanks for the update. Unfortunately I have not been selected in the batches and that is OK, although I would wish for it. Now time for feedback, problems are really affecting AQ, Versus and mainly AW. We've opted out as alliance from AW because we are wasting to much resources when the games hangs, closes or it…