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Cap IW 5* Issues

I have had a 4* Cap IW for a while and love him. So I was very happy to get a 5* version. However, I have done a lot of testing comparing a 4* rank 5 and a 5* rank 3 and have noticed a drastic difference in the crit rate and damage output of the 5* version being less than that of the 4*. Anyone else have similar issues?


  • The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,390 ★★★
    Maybe his sig? i'm guessing the 4* is duped
  • Deebo4300Deebo4300 Posts: 89
    Yes, but tested a lot without synergy on WS in ROL. The crit rates listed in info are the same. But appears to me a drastic difference in the amount of crit specials 2 which is where his damage comes from.
  • StewmanStewman Posts: 731 ★★★
    You're sure they have the exact same amount of kinetic charges when launching the L2?
  • Deebo4300Deebo4300 Posts: 89
    Yes, I have done at least 6-7 runs each at WS and used them both in AQ as well. With 5 kinetic charges, the crit damage is higher for my 4*, 38k vs 42k approximately. I tend to get a crit hit 1/3 times with 4* on the l2 and I honestly did 3 consecutive runs at WS with the 5* version without a single l2 crit. I am pretty confident there seems to be a difference for me and another in my alliance. Was wondering if it shorrible rng or other are seeing same thing.
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 439 ★★★
    My five star hardly ever crits on S2. Seems less since taking him to 5/5. RNG. Cough
  • StewmanStewman Posts: 731 ★★★
    My 4/55 is getting +50K crit on L2 pretty consistently .
  • KwAmOnKwAmOn Posts: 103
    I only have the 5* undupped at 3/45 so can't make the same tests =(
  • NoWayBroNoWayBro Posts: 153
    Same here. I noticed early today while i was recording a vid to show an ally member how to charge his L2 with a heavy and it took forever for me to get a crit where as when I first got my cap it was was quite often he would crit
  • DrakeDrake Posts: 88
    I am absolutely seeing the same thing. It's so bad that I'm getting in arguments with people about how over rated he is. RoL captain Marvel testing... both duped, both 3/45. Hype averages 200 hits to kill, Cap IW averages 340 hits to kill. 4 minutes vs 5:45. And Hype's hit count is padded due to the multi hit heavy. I'm seeing maybe 3 L2 crits in an entire fight on average. One fight he crit 6 times. Another fight he crit once. Considering his entire shtick is landing that monster L2, the crit rate needs to looked at.
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