We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.


  • I've done this, but Kabam override the setting. There are a few other devices that have the same problem. This problem is now a ceiling on my progress, now that I am sufficiently skilled for autorotate to be more likely to take me out than an ordinary mistake. I actually see this as a kind of arrogance, that no…
  • When we were gifted items because we were too advanced in the game for this new rewards system, there was no chance to check which catalysts we wanted to select, so I guessed wrong. No a hugely valuable compensation, but it does defeat the point if there's no opportunity to make sure that it's actually useful.
  • I don't know what happened originally, but this didn't recur. Void has been fine since then.
  • Autorotate. In the middle of a fight, the screen will suddenly flip, and your block etc. will fail. Although this appears to be treated as a device issue, those of us without Turing machines, and anyone who accidentally tips their phone risks throwing their fight. Why not simply block autorotate during a fight unless…
  • Suggestion: no reward, but unattainable blocking goals removed. Or: allow goals to be achieved out of order. In order to incentiveise getting then in order, unlock the blocked rewards only at the end of the event, so one has to be patient.
  • The is probably an interface bug. The requirement to claim every rank up has the effect of punishing newbies and early intermediates.
  • Properly, this is an interface bug. Continued play without claiming is predictably common behaviour which has nothing to do with game-play. The promo is aimed at intermediates, and the claims requirement punishes those who are not fully savvy with the game.
  • It's possible that I made a mistake here. Void died very suddenly for no apparent reason in a fight. Perhaps it was something else.
  • Just took out the hard path with a single champ. It used to be touch and go with all of them. Not only is the boss heavily nerfed, but the rest of the fights are far too easy. Please restore the original difficulty.
  • I have a tier 4 5* Karnak, and I really like him, but you need to be able to get and hold focus. Then you get loads of critical hits. His special 2 and 3 are not to be sneezed at, and when you really need true strike, you can use s1, but *only* then as it's otherwise feeble.
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  • I'm all for this, just as I favour an Epic key, but access to tougher material is different from nerfing the existing material. It doesn't have to be what side you're on, if you're on the side of steady game progression. Perhaps this will be solved another way, with redistributed benefits, and a third, harder path?
  • I'm not getting him until I get 1.6M, as Stoppable Colossus isn't anything special. Unstoppable, though, he's worth having. If we ever get a 6*, he'll likely be around 5M loyalty, so I'd pick up the 5* anyway.
  • If they change this, they should call it Epic. I can see that there are many who see this as an earned privilege, but I expect that there are plenty who would give chapter one a go, which resembles chapter 3 of Master but with tougher fighting. I don't see many who couldn't get Uncollected going past Chapter one, so maybe…
  • With 6* Champs coming in and Act 6 to come, I think that this will change, in that there will be continuity. It's also worth remembering that tier 5 Catalysts are needed to max out 5*s. Access to a *single chapter* after exploration of Master would retain the perk while making getting a 6* champ or maxing out a 5* a very…
  • An even more restrictive compromise could be that exploration of Master *only* grants access to chapter one. A taster, if you will, that would motivate becoming Uncollected if one wants any more.
  • My aim is to make slow progress possible if one is not yet up to the challenge, so that there is no artificial ceiling. I'm happy to allow that The Uncollected get to make far faster progress!
  • You get *immediate* access to the Epic level. But perhaps a compromise is possible? To unlock chapter 1, you need to complete Master. To unlock chapter 2, you need to explore Master, but to Unlock chapter 3 with rewards for completion and exploration, you must become Uncollected, which also waives the entry conditions for…
  • It's hardly a freebie if you need to earn the key. The point is that advancement is blocked above a certain point until Uncollected is achieved; it would be fairer if it were *slowed*, rather than blocked. The gains in shards would not be huge, or else the player could've achieved Uncollected in any case.
  • The point is that you get better dailies, and don't need a key at all.
  • If he doesn't run away, I might keep him to occasionally use as a profile pic.
  • I attacked the boss in Alliance Quest at around five to, and was needed to hell!
  • Ranking down a single tier would be fair. It would still be strong, but somehow proportionately so.
  • I really like Karnak, but most guides put him pretty low. He was my first 5*, and I tier 4rd him when I had no other tier 3 5*s or tier 5 4*s. I don't regret it. He's still stronger than my maxed out 4* awakened Luke Cage in a fight, if not over several fights.
  • No hits but 400% special Kill power every 20 seconds Power gain 200% Prove yourself When I played this I missed the kill power buff. Oops. Also Spiderman with prove yourself is pretty tough.
  • I think that the problem is that if you can use a different input method, it would be possible to place an AI there. I doubt that a different input method would be advantageous, but rather a matter of taste. The trouble is, if there is a layer between the input and the game, there is a risk of cheating which isn't good for…
  • Please, can we start on the Master without having to fully explore Heroic? Completion proves that one *could* explore it. Surely it's not a good thing to make stronger players grind, and the rest of us would like the chance to test our mettle throughout the month.
  • I've seen the same thing. Maybe it's deliberate, as Ultron is a tough boss. I used to play medium unless it was Ultron, when I'd play easy. My top players and my skills are a little better, now, so I'm back to playing medium, but Ultron is still the toughest!
  • I have a tablet and a phone I use when the battery gets low for one account. I always fear that they think I'm cheating, although I imagine the consistent mediocre level of skill passes muster :p
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