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  • Actually, wasn't it September 2016?
  • They should make it so that an expired item will automatically convert to gold and other items.
  • New callouts are being added to this page:, some of them are pretty awesome. I'm going to list them here for reference: Doom to Squirrel Girl: For every one I fling away a dozen more vex me! Juggernaut: Nice try! No stun for you! Juggernaut: I'm the Juggernaut! ->…
  • Is Hawkeye available in the crystal (or is he rare)? I've purchased some as I was missing Juggernaut and Hawkeye. Got Juggernaut, but I didn't see Hawkeyes picture passing by when opening a crystal.
  • Yeah, I also found this a bit odd, but he writes it in his Tweet.
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  • So it's not an X but a K. It spells Kamil, a lead environment artist from Kabam, according to Gabriel Frizzera:
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  • Some quest I remember that had a different part of the dialogue are Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer some paths had extra dialogue between Hyperion and Howard the Duck, and Spider-man symbiote) The Immortal Hulk (it had a different Boss in a quest in certain difficulties, with different dialogue) The Rise of X (there was…
  • Didn't it had to do something with the Chronoserpent (that character that looks like Entropy)? He is seen talking with Carina in Act 6, and battling with Galactus in MROC.
  • Thank you for the PSA. Normally I only read the dialogue the first time and assume other paths have the same dialogue. I'm not going to skip it now.
  • Gabriel Frizzera posted an image of Bubblerealm, the pack of gum Wasp throws in her SP3. It says ISO-INFUSED. And in the SP3 of Quicksilver he plays a game LIMAX (at least I'm guessing it's an X, it's an unknown letter), and all the letters are upside down. When the screen turns red it says CRAZY.
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  • A bit late to respond, I just notice this thread. But the symbol has already been discovered, it hasn't been decoded yet. It most likely is a number. This symbol appears on the dice of the Grandmaster. I've added them all in this post:
  • Apparently there is a chance to win a Marvel Legends Series Mighty Thor Mjolnir Electronic Hammer, but it is only for US and Canada, unfortunately. Would have loved to also participate in this.
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  • There is not one, but multiple multiverse Variants of Galactus since the EQ Strange Fates.
  • Thanks, that one was not yet on the list. Thanks, you can see all the ones I've 'collected' so far here: There are almost 130 callouts, identified, and most of them are also confirmed with a screenshot. 10 do not have a screenshot yet, and 3 that do not have the…
  • You can find most of them here: Although it seems the loading screen gallery does not have the correct images since Jubilee.
  • @Pikolu thanks for the Hercules vs Venom the Duck. He also says it against Mojo. @Scripps thanks for another Professor X one. This is again a reference from House of X #3.
  • Got 50% of the interaction between Professor X and Magneto captured:
  • Thanks for mentioning those, but they're already added. I've added the jokes of Spider-Ham also to the page, as the are indicated by the callouts "The Setup" and "The Punchline": Source of the jokes list was this forum thread:…
  • Prof X has another insanely awesome one with White Magneto. I couldn’t snapshot it in time tho. Be on the lookout for that! Unless you have a screenrecorder recording, I find it difficult to capture Callouts you don't expect. Professor X's callouts are rare to pop up. I use him a lot and do not see a Callout very often.
  • Awesome @Ted_n00bgent, that makes the list more and more complete. Thanks. @spigwender, thanks. There was a screenshot of that callout already. You can view the list here: There are still some missing.
  • Haha I literally just saw the same video. Will add it to the list. Thanks.
  • Thanks @Ted_n00bgent for both the new ones. They are added to the list. There are 107 callouts confirmed by screenshot, and some more that do not have a screenshot yet.
  • Thanks @magnus_xix & @Havanaknight, two new ones, awesome. I've added them to the list.
  • Yes I think you are right about the active term. So the complete description would be: Passive Prowess (active) Buff Prowess (active) Buff Prowess (node related, active) And there could also be a Passive [effect-name] (node related, active)
  • Since I have started playing this game, I haven't really investigated the meaning of the differences in the Buff/Debuff icons. Just recently I learned that an active buff icon has some sort of ring around it and a passive doesn't. But there is also a third one, what does that one mean: Passive Prowess icon: Active Buff…
  • It's announced Agatha Harkness Beta Ray Bill Quicksilver Baron Zemo
  • So I've only played a couple of months. Was it ever revealed who killed the Maestro? Or is that still unknown?
  • Just saw another Professor X one: YOU HAVE NEW GODS NOW and the conversation with Magneto was something like this: Professor X: WE LIVE AND DIE WITH THIS Magneto: THEN I WILL DIE FOR IT It seems that every callout of Professor X is a reference to the House of X comic series
  • 4*: can't remember 4*r5: Domino (iirc) 5*: Ronan 5*r5: Black Widow CV 6*: Loki 6*r3: not there yet
  • Thanks, another new one. I've added it to the list.