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  • Confirm here, iPhone SE 2020; all night yesterday I thought I was having a very bad day; came to this morning all my alliance complaining on the same issue.
  • So I just came back from a video from Seatin... so based on what was mentioned there and was technically in game, it seems the problem is with owners of "the old" sigil. Meaning, messages related to activating the sigil are realated to the new sigil purchasers. If you renewed yesterday (like my case), it still counts as…
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  • Same here
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  • WORKED! I have a RedMi Note8 Pro that actually benefited from this also, going in fights used to be super laggy, and even stutters in the loading screens. So if this change in the dev menu changed the performance significantly, I wonder hoe many small tweaks we can add to achieve even better running performance than iOS,…
  • I'm so sad I didn't get it :(
  • @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra" @"Kabam Miike" Hi team, just came to forums to look this up; and yes, it's possible to do both difficulties. Last week I thought it was because of the update; that since I had done Cavalier before updating the app, it had registered Thronebreak as new. Now I can confirm we…
  • Dang feeling bad on my time haha
  • I have a pair of friends around 3:05 and 3:18, so it should be enought. I now feel sad haha I don't think I'll make it :( let's hope Kabam gives another 100 spots for the final one 🤪
  • Yes it should be like that, but I wanted to keep it safe and did it yesterday.
  • A little under 3:30 :( hope the usual suspects were focused on Act7 and give us the last chance to get this first title.
  • Nothing here too, I'm in Mexico
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  • Yes they are; no rollback here
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  • So here is another "unintented" interaction that should be addressed @"Kabam Miike" : I was in AQ Map 7 fighting Thing with R2 6* Nick Fury; I try to take as much as I can out with the Life Model Decoy, before using my real NF. Kinectic Transference pushed Thing to his SP3 just before the fight ends, so he pushes me down…
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  • We should probably just use this time to at least R4 the guys and use them for Variant and other content like Act6. Not rooting for Kabam, but the fact is no news in the case of Cull is good news as he is more OP Noel's than what he will be at the end.
  • Sorry I took off some days without replying. Yes basically what you explored on the second paragraph is the situation. And because I am aware the effort it would take, it doesn't make sense to go down the road. Onb this week, it seemed there were some calculation errors on day 2 and 3, but after AQ closed the numbers were…
  • Well technically, what I'm getting is 2 peak milestone awards. One for 21,000 points, and then another for 12,000 points. But there should only be one Peak Milestone award, so it should be (based on the accumulated points) the 33,000 peak milestone reward. I understand that due to this bug selecting modifiers, that was…
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Lyra" team, I as an example, have not yet claimed the 22,000 honor milestone and 11,000 honor milestone. Will it be fixed to ensure we get the 33,000 milestone reward (2700 T5B frags) as it should have been? Or what will proceed?
  • @Markjv81 well it's the same map, but not same content. The modifiers are in it's definition, modifying the content. In summary, I guess this is just a matter of perspective. My alliance scored 226 with mods in maps 2-5 too; and we had fun with the added difficulty. It was a refresh and helps to move our from a comfort…
  • @"Kabam Loto" en los premios por rango de guerra, Platino 4 está incorrectamente escrito como Oro 1; podrás ver que hay dos versiones de Oro 1 pero con emblemas diferentes.
  • I like your approach @DNA3000 on the topic. The middle option should be to just update the post given by @"Kabam Miike" with the FAQ of how it works and how it should be expected to, considering everything up to today. The problem is that the initial post, it just seems there is a problem that should be fixed, and that is…
  • I know ETAs are hard to come by for buggy stuff, but setting an estimate or compromise from the dev tem would help to mitigate some of the commentary. People in my alliance now believes modifiers might not be OK for not getting T5B. I've tried to mitigate, but it helps to have more complete responses of how and when this…
  • @Markjv81 numbers and proof to support this, would make the point not only valid but valuable to the community and too Kabam. My alliance didn't see less rewards; we analyzed not going for multipliers as an OK option to sustain rewards. We eventually decided to go for it, and we actually did better in AQ with modifiers as…
  • @"Kabam Zibiit" FYI, evidence provided above
  • Hi, not that I forgot, but had some emergent priorities come around. I have made this playlist, starting at 4* OG Vision alright, but then with 5* OG Vision at x20 not calling out the first synthesis. After I added x80 levels and made the test again, and now the problem is solved. So it has to do with the level of the…
  • Thanks for the reply @Terra At the start of the fight nothing is happening other than a potential parry or dexterity. So in the first event, this is not the case. In secondary events, there are multiple things happening on screen (dexterity, parry, critical blocks, etc.), and synthesis call out does appear. So not really…
  • I do, and a lot of people. But we flood these guys with videos with proof and they still deny it. I've made claims everything is related to frame drops and how AI manages the hicups (sometimes not noticeable) and reacts based on this. The AI is clearly just taking advantage of something to do things differently. Let's…
  • The more aggressive the AI the more evident it's programmed to read your evade instantly to counter. Harder content getting harder and punishable.
  • In my case, yes I can confirm our behavior in regards to learning how to punish his SP1 before the patch is the same as we are using today. Yes, it is always hard but it was possible. Now, YOU WILL hit a block or get dexed by AI (except really easy content, where AI is be open to be hit) as stated by others. This can be…
  • @"Kabam Lyra" I can confirm in AQ this is still not as before. The window is still significantly shortened, so the issue persists