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  • I used quake only one you had to try against was apoc because he stops evade. Hold heavy ai trys to hit you they are stunned. Hold heavy again rinse and repeat. It is the quake map for people who can't use her.
  • I laughed in quake for about 90% of it. It is designed for her even if you can't use her. Hold heavy that evade stuns them Hold heavy again. Apoc and stryfe it doesn't work as you can't evade them and emma or squash you would need to know how to use her but pretty much rest of map is meh.
  • Not sure maybe your off time repushing heavy. Works a treat for me.
  • Yeah that prowess hack that let's you stun mid combo is really helpful vs Kate as well.
  • No worries mate. Glad it helped you.
  • This seems like a tell me you don't have a legend title without saying you don't have it comment. Changing your title still leaves the legend border around your profile picture with the legend badge at the bottom. Me personally, I don't care if more get it as all the title really shows right now is I have an iPhone and I…
  • 2.1 sucks but mascre and spam sp1 rocks it 2.2 laugh in quake you don't even need to know how to use her. You evade ai is stunned. Just keep using h charging. Couple fights ie stryfe and apoc who stop evade are only ones you need to actually try with. I hate these Node but no items needed with a little thought.
  • Not to burst you bubble but flagship Android phones are more powerful than Apple. Games are optimised to Apple because on average iPhone users are more inclined to spend on in app purchases than Android. In fact the average Apple user spends $12.77 per transaction where the average Android user will only spend $6.19. 7.2%…
  • I always promoted a change. Instead of top 100 it should be top 50 apple and top 50 Android
  • Well thought out. Tbh the starting at bottom each season doesn't bother me to much. Get the rewards you actually play for. I might have everything needed for node x this season and absolutely nothing for node y next so starting at bottom isn't bad because of that. It gives me a chance to match other people in same boat…
  • Iphone 13 and not sure what else I can reply with for this thread but everyone one says the same. Left side of screen doesn't react properly. I turned on my tracking and you can clearly see I dash back tapped block so second dash back doesn't register and I go crazy try to dash winter soldier sp1 which is probably the…
  • Same here on iPhone 13. Left side of screen is very unresponsive
  • This has happened before. If I recall correctly if you don't see the persistent charges before you hit fight restarting app till they are there fixes it for that fight as long as you haven't gone into the fight. Not ideal but helpful till fix is out. Unfortunately for champs like guillotine 2099 ( happened to me) there is…
  • Please let me know as I don't know if he got a free ride up or I got shafted.
  • I'm pretty sure it wasn't thought through. Who is going to vote Barron as their favourite in the contest when he isn't in the contest.
  • Meh I have a diverse roster that can handle it but you still get trapped pending the draft. To many armour up and not enough neutralise and you'll still lose or vice versa. Guess those shuffle tokens got more valuable. What I did is the simplest solution. This bg meta imo is 0 fun. 0 fun = 0 participation by me. If you…
  • Happened to me once. Google just applies it to 1st account that opens in your case your alt. Contact support as long as you don't do anything with those units they will fix it for you. Took a couple hours though for it to be sorted.
  • This isn't true one of my alts isn't even in an alliance and has all points.
  • This. I have to wait a second and go for a special intercept with the striker for wol to actually hit them. If I do my combo and then fire 1st hit misses ai blocks the rest then lights me up.
  • Not entirely accurate. The true stem of the problem is the rewards they dish out. I don't know where this shift came from but I got so many t2a and t5b in overflow I can't keep up. Hard work and smarter ranking makes it so I can keep it so nothing expires but gaining gold from 0 is harder with the rewards they pay out.…
  • I am having the issue again in halls of healing. I have to restart to get auto to work, restart in arena because game crashes if playing too long (handy for this 2* arena) numerous other bugs like back button not working. Such a wonky update.
  • Only locks in if you're in tier 5 or above. If you're on the cusp in tier 5 you can get matched vs a tier 6 allaince and you will still get affected.
  • It's the system that sucks. It is so punishing for people. If all had even match ups you should win 50% of your matches. If you only win at that rate it is impossible to make it to circuit without shields. If that would get fixed, people wouldn't feel the need to Sandbag in the first place. Rough idea leave the circuit…
  • Happening on my iPhone 13 as well. I made a video. Let it move to fight turn on and off auto a bunch nothing happened. Put auto back on hit fight. Ai did my fight and moved to next fight and I have to click fight again.
  • I've never seen this bug till this update. I rely heavily on this tatic for lane 4. Quite the surprise today when it's not working right. Gonna be fun taking on unblockable knull when I planned using this tatic like always. If I knew if didn't work I would have brought fury instead. Hope this gets sorted for next season…
  • I used mascre. His regen in that let's you survive some mess ups and plasma detonation. Watching this video I did ages ago I ate 2 detonation and mistimed my power gain so ate a combo (I guessing I thought I would be pushed to sp2 but didn't happen)
  • While I can see that on last fight the 1st 2 fights, I still needed to use my r5 4 and r3 5 vs 6*. So I sandbagged to make it harder for me in the scheme of things for 2 of the 3 fights.
  • You don't need units but I wouldn't say someone who used them is a noob just impatient. Some can be done without needing anything at all but ones through lol or 3* cyc one is an item hog. Grind 3.2.6 to get heaps of revives then do the item intensive ones. You use units if you couldn't be bothered to do that item build up.
  • Me personally, I set up my deck with no higher than r3 5* and r5 4*. My goal was to target sandbagging fools. I made it to the circuit beating people like you and 9 times out of 10, I just needed to win one of the 1st 2 matches and it was my win because they were stuck with 2 *. Added benefit is it didn't make me feel bad…
  • I'm not a big fan of the scoring system. Time of fight is weighted way to heavily. I messed up and ate sp2 from knull and feel I shouldn't have won this fight Or this mess up on ultron. I've been on the other side of this as well and I guess it kinda evens out but heavy hitting attackers are worth a heap with this scoring.…