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  • To be honest, althought I'm lucky enough not to mis-click and made any mistaken like these yet, BUT I can say there were a few occasions that I ALMOST MIS-CLICKED only to freeze my fingers at the very last second. So yes, definitely welcome a pop up when clicking to buy the unit offers or something that pop up every now…
  • Maybe a Whaler Arena too? That way good to have the whalers to leave the rest of us alone :D
  • You are right, I missed the word crystal, in this case, it won't be available until tomorrow (Aug1 10am PDT).
    in Pym Crystals Kommentar von shchong2 Juli 2018
  • The cash purchase deal? I believe it has long gone, I knew one of my alliance mate bought it with cash If you are indeed asking the cash purchase deal, then I'm afraid your question came a few weeks late
    in Pym Crystals Kommentar von shchong2 Juli 2018
  • @HULK_BREAK ..... 3 for 1? seriously? <== Not exactly 3 for 1 at random that you don't get to choose? <== YES dead serious!!!! :D
  • I didn't remember thought when's the last time when I spent on a vending machine, I give the machine full ownership or authority of choosing what piece of **** it feels like dropping for me :D LOL .... at least I'm glad all the vending machine I used let me pick exactly what I want :D
  • @mostlyharmlessn , Glad you like it Pls do share with us once you tried the 3:1 RNG Do share with you, but trading in your expiring 3 T4cc do you manage to get the 1 T4cc of the class you need, or do the RNG give you one of the class that you are also overflowing? Would like to feel your experience since I won't do it…
  • This really sucked! If this happens to me I'll be extremely pissed! Hopefully it'll come back up soon and still leave you enough time to complete it before the timer expiration. Good luck!
  • You mean freaking joker Deadpool is actually the man behind this post disguising as a mod? Darned I never realized it, thanks for the insightful news, Now it begins to make sense! :D .... no wonder you are called beyonder bcos u r one of the almighty cosmic entities who know it all! We totally need you, The_One and few…
  • @mike867 hope you got your 4* Gulk without too much of a grind. The cutoff is still very low at ~3.12M and I over did to about 3.8M (I only had little time, so I did 3.8M at the final 10 hours in a rush). Incidentally, I actually pulled a 5* Gulk from a basic crystal right before I was about to start the 4* basic arena…
  • Yes this is the kind of deal that only the top 0.1% to 1% would probably appreciate the rate (and the randomness of the 1/5 chance), but I would still assume for this top 0.1% to 1%, they basically have at least 3-4 classes overflowing, so now after the exchange they are still at the MERCY of the RNG, and there's no…
  • Well I thought 2019 April Fool came early, but then I realized this is a new horrible idea, from what I heard from various folks in my alliance as well as few other alliances. But hey, Kabam knows its customers the best, and Kabam always do what's best for its customers, right? So I guess it must be a great deal, just that…
  • Aug 2018 calendar will give out SIX STAR shards each week, i.e. 250 + 500 + 750 + 1000 six star shards in four weeks .... IN MY DREAM. :D
  • My Android has been extremely lagging and overheat & game crashes, since 2017, and it got worse after v19.0. I would like all the past months' events to be repeated and extended for all Android-based players, but also open that for IOS players too! :) Cheers!~ *wink* *wink* *wink*
  • Where can I pull a Punisher 666 from crystal? I totally would like to pull a new Punisher 666 to add to my roster! :) lol just kidding .... it is really about RNG, there are just people with super-lucky opening.
  • Wow, Amazing Demon wanna delete Fairy God? how ironic! lol just kidding. Anyway hope you manage to get your old account deleted, and avoid any problems or complications. Good luck and all the best!
  • 5 star magik for attack and power control EVEN if she is undupped yet. Glad you are enjoying her! ;)
  • I would like waffles during afternoon tea time (not for breakfast), and yes it smells really good and taste fine with various toppings.
  • HAven't seen that myself as well, would love to know too. I guess an awakened high sig 5/65 WS with Killmonger synergy would be pretty awesome, with his power steal proc more frequently than ever plus great damage build up with combo via synergy. @binserya , If you happened to 5/65 your WS and bring to LOL, do share your…
  • Exactly, Joe Fixit's SP3 move of combing his hair totally destroy any opponent! No one, I mean no one in MCOC could ever stand his hair-combining move!
  • Only as non-playable character (NPC), only can be used by AI and not by human players.
  • @The_One, any champ's release and inclusion should ALWAYS BE and ONLY BY your decree. Why? Bcos you are THE ONE! ... The only ONE and ABOVE ALL! .... The most powerful being in the entire Marvel Universe! Even the Al-mighty Living Tribunal serves beneath you! Can you pls decree that all summoners will be rewarded a free 5*…
  • I'll most likely skip this round dungeon again like I skipped most part of the first dungeon, as it took too much time to even complete a few rounds.
  • Considering your forum name, would you consider R5 your 5* Iceman instead? or Considering at your forum avatar, would you consider R5 your 5* Blade instead?
  • I thought I was getting too tired of the arena fights and accidentally missed some finger touches or clicks, but looks like I'm NOT the one .... already a few times my 4th to 5th combo was interrupted and of course I got hit in return. Luckily those are NOT death squad so I can afford taking a combo from the AI (assuming I…
  • I already removed it (along with double edge and recoil) since my last rework of my mastery, couldn't be happier to reinvest those mastery points to assassin and deep wounds, but of course it is just for me. I suppose many folks may still be using FULL SUICIDE to their best benefit.
    in Liquid Courage Kommentar von shchong2 Juli 2018
  • LOL, nice picture I take it that this was an experienced player, probably dup his/her 5* IP too many times, and finally gave up and sell his champs and quit the game? :D Or do I read his/her profile picture wrongly? :D LOL