Reserve 3 Slots in Alliance & BG Allocation

Dear Kabam,

From August till now game app is really working good in terms of stability and performance, really appreciate hard work of team i have two requests / suggestions:

1: It will be really good if Alliances can have reserve slots for upto 3 members just like every military have its reserve armed forces, when there is someone really busy and unable to participate reserve members can fill the spots in AQ and AW. Upto 3 reserve members would be great option especially in AW.

2: Its really big hassle for leadership to provide time to time list update of BG in Ally Group chats for all members who will join which battlegroup, If you can workout on some kind of new feature ingame for leadership to assign bgs to each members and along with a restriction whatever battlegroup is assigned to someone that member can join only that assigned battlegroup, this new feature will be really relaxing for every alliance leadership and it will also covers up the mistake ppl made joining wrong bgs.

Hope to see positive response.

Thanks and Regards
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