Who to Rank up (none duped)

CainCain Posts: 118
Not sure who I should rank up. Leaning towards 5*s because I have 5 T2A and want to keep growing but idk what’s best. I have already 100% act 4 and working on act 5 ch 1. I have a R5 4* Hyperion (Unduped) and SL (duped). Also have a R4 4* Blade (duped) then 2 of these options fill my other two slots.

Who to Rank up (none duped) 8 votes

R3 5* Dorm
ZombieZeddAdityatheaawesom 2 votes
R3 5* Morningstar
Anonymous346Duke_SilverFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 3 votes
R3 5* Mephisto
Krumbledkookie 1 vote
R5 4* Magik
bazingampXxLoganTDCxX 2 votes
Wait for a better option


  • CainCain Posts: 118
    When I say slots I mean the three I mentioned are my main questers.
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