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Help with KM, Sabertooth Void trio

I dont have any of these champs..therefore i cant really chech out the synergi between them. not even as a 3 star.
I interested in what they can do cuz i hear KM, Void and Sabertooth is good.
I watch youtubes and what i can see is following

Void reg for each debuff he does
KM i dunno
Sabertooth aplly 100% if teamed with KM..

So my question is actually who is the most req of the 3 champs.. and who is the "better" champ between these 3.
I only know what the diff can do but not really in Quest / aw general.

Melt down opponent in longer fights
Sabertooth i dunno
KM can fight against evade/autoblock champs quit well.. and have some craszy stack bleed on her sp3 if u save up.

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