L0key Alliance recruiting

Hi All,

I am Crunchy_Crunchy, the creator of L0key Alliance.

L0key Alliance is looking for members. We are currently a very small alliance of just five members however we are very active. We are active everyday. We try to enter as many Alliance quests and Wars when we can, but with limited members the Wars are difficult. So, we are looking for more members, we don't really mind the level of the player, but they must be active to help the alliance grow. Hopefully with more members we can reap more rewards from the alliance events and section of the game. So come help us grow the L0key Alliance! All active members welcomed to the family.

Thank you


  • Hey i'm up to join a new alliance so i can progress through this game the leader and alliance which i'm about to leave hasn't started a match since i've started i try to play everyday sooooo
  • Crunchy would you guys like to merge into lthb2? Our main alliance lthb is almost 6.9mil rated. Tripple you are also welcome! We all use Line also
  • Hi Trippledeal1 it would be great if you would come aboard and join the alliance. Sorry sokkerfreak that sounds crazy tempting but I would like to try and maintain the alliance I created, it is small at the moment sure but with more active members I am sure we will get there! Thanks for the offer though!
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