Symbiotic Difficulty Energy Requirements

Once the Symbiotic Difficulty is open, will it contain the same ~30 paths as the other difficulties or will it be more simplified and less Energy intensive? Just want to know what to expect.


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    @Kabam Miike Can we get a straight forward anwser for how much energy do we need for symbiote difficulty? At least is it the same to other difficulties or shorter??
    Do we ask so much that you can t reveal?

    The Symbiote difficulty will have the same per tile energy as Epic (or Uncollected in other months), but each map will have less paths than the Epic version.
    Chapter 1
    Quest 1 - 2 Paths
    Quest 2 - 2 Paths

    Chapter 2
    Quest 1 - 3 Paths
    Quest 2 - 3 Paths

    Chapter 1
    Quest 1 - 4 Paths
    Quest 2 - 5 Paths

    From the Quest announcement
  • How about prizes? Any news on that?
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    How about prizes? Any news on that?

    In the annoucement... You know where all the information is always at.
  • Hey there, for completing and mastering all of the Symbiote Quests, you earn:
    1x 5-Star Featured Hero Crystal
    2500x 5-Star Shards
    18000x T2 Alpha Catalyst Fragment
    10x 5-Star Sig Stone Crystal
    1x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal
    1x Monstrous Master Title

    You can find more info about the event quest, including all the prizes, in the announcement thread here.
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