Is ~5sec per Arena Help Request Normal?

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I've recently rejoined an Alliance after months of solo play, so once again, I get the individual request help for each champ. And I am reminded of my love/hate relationship with the help option. One the one hand, it shortens the cost. On the other hand, it takes so long per request, that it starts to get rather noticeable.

This most recent round of 30 5* and 18 r5 4*, I decided to wait until they were all done, scrolling down past all of the requests to select each champ, and then once I was done with the session, I would sit there and spam the help button one by one by one until they were all done.

It took ~4m 20s to go through all 48. That is ~260 seconds for 48, or ~5s (5.4167) each.

That seems like a significant amount of time for something that should basically be automated, because tedious button pushing aside, who *wouldn't* want to have a shorter arena cooldown?

So is this about everyone else's experience, about ~5 seconds per request?


  • Blove_518kingBlove_518king Posts: 72
    On my iPhone it’s basically instant so not that bad for me when I used to play on Android I didn’t bother cause it would take to long
  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 673 ★★★
    Yeah, it's so bad on my Android, if they can't just automate the process already, I'd almost prefer an option to not place the request help champs at the top of the list, and just have them go to the bottom like they had already had their help requested.
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