What I love & hate about the Alliance deductions. LETS get it right!

What I love:

Deduct the cheaters and Alliances,
you won’t get any complaints from me. Is it fair that the people in the alliance who didn’t know someone was cheating are getting hurt by it, no it’s not. I do understand that kabam doesn’t know who knew what and can’t go case by case. Also they all benefitted from the cheating and the alliances they faced got screwed by the cheating so IM good with this Kabam. GREAT JOB! I agree

A war rating drop- Horrible. HORRRRRIBLE

All this does is gives them easy free wins for like 5+ wars, get more shards and rewards and end up in the tier that they deducted from in the first place. You in a sense are rewarding them for cheating and then screwing over the alliances that did nothing that have to face them. We were pushing in Platinum 1 and now are stuck in plat 2 after facing 2 deducted alliances in a row. Both were double deducted.

This needs to be fixed. The ppl complaining that they played with a cheater and got benefits from them cheating without knowing are just whining. The alliances all over boards getting screwed over by the wrong discipline taking effect has a real gripe.

Ban them from season rewards, put your foot down, or make their war rating stay the exact same and push them down.

Overall I’m VERY VERY happy that you all are banning and kicking these cheaters, punishments are light , but if gonna do it, don’t screw the alliances that never had cheaters nor benefitted from any cheat
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