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12M+ Semi-Retired Alliance with rare spot of looking for 2 members after AW season

We are a very active, semi-retired alliance that has been together for more than 2+ years looking for a rare 1-2 slots.

We are a no nonsense and no drama alliance.

No donations and event minimums required.

We run 2 BG in AW to give each other a break and we finish in top of Gold 2.

For AQ, we run different maps for each BG. We typically run 5/3/2 or 4/3/2 depending on AW. But everyone gets every reward.

If interested l let me know. In-game-name and LIne ID is Shaky Jake.



  • ShakyJake743ShakyJake743 Posts: 45
    Might have 1 spot left after the AW season. Hit me up either in game or Line.

    My IGN and Line ID is Shaky Jake
  • NcTmackNcTmack Posts: 11
    IGN is Bolt517. request sent in game. I am East Coast USA, previous alliance teetered silver 3/gold 1 and won War MVP 6 times. Have played, and can run, AQ maps 4 and 5. Currently I have a bunch of 5/50s, 4 of them are good defenders, i also have a 3/45 defender that's really good. i took a break with my previous alliance to finish up some in game material but now have a butt load of 5*s saved up that need ranking and i know an alliance is where it's at for rank ups. a "semi-retired" ally sounds like a great place for me. thanks.
  • ShakyJake743ShakyJake743 Posts: 45
    Now that the season is over ... we have 2 spots open.

    Last AW season we finished 47th in Gold 2.
  • ShakyJake743ShakyJake743 Posts: 45
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