How far to level these 4* characters’ sig abilities?

Hey guys

I own a 4* Hulk Rag and a 4* IMIW, both duped (obviously) and both at sig level 20. Do their sig abilities beyond level 20 have much of an impact to justify using sig stones on them? I’ll very shortly have enough t4bc to level one of them to rank 5, so that might factor in to this to? They’re the only high tier 4* champs I have duped, so another option if your answers don’t point to using my sig stones is to wait for getting a better champion.


  • Saket_123Saket_123 Posts: 139
    Ghulk is great when it comes to signature ability. He gains either fury increasing attack by 1k or regenerate like 3k. My level 20 r5. If I had a chance I will increase his levels more. Maybe he can regenerate upto 5k+ or get a fury of 2k+ attack which is great while using it in war.

    If you are talking about defence than go with IMIW. Dont know all about him but the auto block on any hit is the only thing that piss me off while fighting him in war.
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