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Horror_punkHorror_punk Posts: 932 ★★★
Who to rank 5* 5/65
I've already got blade duped level 200 at 5/65 now confused in taking up either Medusa duped or Spark Undupe

Further i also have a mutant rank uo gem from which i can take any mutant to rank 4 also and thereafter rank 5/65 easily but no good mutant champs in stash..

Rank up Advice 43 votes

Medusa Duped
Willjackson16XillymannameplasMelkerlanneroJC_CoachLedChampioncriticbluebubble100JohnwickBHSolotrixZombieZeddFhfjghhggggjfhfjgRockypantherxHfchangSparkyCzRehan010_LoctiteSuperGlueSukhjeetØØØ 18 votes
Spiderman Stark Enhanced
Anurag1606GrafikdevSungjDean9300450Furion17Monk1KerneasAdvKittenPrimebinrakPaytoPlayB_Dizzle_01Maldroit2JayCeeBlackJ4zzSaket_123SidDDragonRunamokUSAFooshblalalaSamspade23 24 votes
Wait for someone better
Foxhero007 1 vote


  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Medusa Duped
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 981 ★★★
    Spiderman Stark Enhanced
    As a champ stark spidey is probably the best attack option anyone can have to deal with all the content this game has to offer...but a 5/65 champ has a massive prestige value as well and an unduped champ to 5/65 is something not many people would recommend..but if prestige is not an issue for u then starky is Ur boy and u already have blade so u got the synergy as well
  • Horror_punkHorror_punk Posts: 932 ★★★
    These two are tough options
    Medusa got posion immunity also but spark got passive evade
    She got autoblock, he got power drain
    Dang so much confusion lol
    T5A not easy to come by
  • Furion17Furion17 Posts: 247
    Spiderman Stark Enhanced
    Spidystark is a far better option then medusa..
    All or nothing node
    L1 L2 unblockable
    100% stun on l1
    Very rare champions immune of his l2 shock
    After l3 no one can evade you for 18 second kinda true strike..

    If you learn to build poise charge ur the king of this contest with Spidy Stark.

  • Furion17Furion17 Posts: 247
    Spiderman Stark Enhanced
    Moreover lol is much easier with Spidy Stark than medusa...
    Do you still need anything else to rank him up...

    Go for it dude and trust me you will never regret your decision.

  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,120 ★★★
    Spiderman Stark Enhanced
    Spark I would say. I don't know if you have finished exploring act 5. If not then get a generic gem from there for spark and r5 him. Even unawakened he just kills everything. His only weakness is immunity specific nodes. And Medusa is fine 2nd option. There is no way you should wait for someone better. My thoughts.
  • Horror_punkHorror_punk Posts: 932 ★★★
    @Anurag yes bro i've finished and explored act5 way back in December 2017
    @Furion17 spark got very low block proficiency and he sometimes evade when not needed though building poise charges require some time but after that he's badass.
    Undupe i guess Spark's damage isn't too high.!?!? Crit rates are low, I've 4* spark also duped and sometimes he do similar amount of damage as 4/55 spark
  • Horror_punkHorror_punk Posts: 932 ★★★
    Further I've got deep wounds at level 5 for blade and it equally benefits medusa after armour shatter, but sparks amazing evasion also a plus point
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