Epic Ch2.2 Carnage, hitting into block

I just tried my first run on this part of Epic and did not do well against the carnage, ended up existing out in order to do a little research. I was struggling to get a moment to hit into his block and do some damage as he is very aggressive. Just looking for some tips before going in again.


  • AraevinAraevin Posts: 12
    He has explosive personality, so you can’t keep hitting into his block. It also has perforate which does increased damage on block but you cannot use that because of explosive personality. He can use it though, combined with counter tactics, the damage ramps up very quickly. Basically avoid hitting his block and don’t let him hit yours and you’ll be fine.
    PS: Use an armour break or a nullify champ if you still want to hit his block so you can remove his armour buffs from explosive personality.
  • SaiyanSaiyan Posts: 436 ★★★
    If you ranked the Summon Sym you have up to even R4 (You can if you beat Epic just once) then you can use the boost that when he's at full health gives perfect block. High dps works well also.
  • GivMeABeerGivMeABeer Posts: 173
    Thanks guys, I have my symbiote at rank 4 and going for my first run of Epic. I'll look into the boost that give the perfect block and just try to not get hit. I have Corvus so I could try to block for the armor break but he hit's so hard I doubt my 5/50 would survive too many hits. I'll save the symbiote for last and use the aforementioned boosts to take him down.
  • Bdavis_2017Bdavis_2017 Posts: 246
    Just fight him regularly, just don’t let him hit you
  • GivMeABeerGivMeABeer Posts: 173
    I just got my first run down, yea you really don't need to fight too differently. The blocked hits do suck but you can take a few to get parries and then attack in for some good damage. Didn't need to use the symbiote this time, Sparky got it done. But yea if you get clipped it's not a good time; degen from that one node and he hit's like a like a fat guy heading to the buffet line.
  • IanMooneIanMoone Posts: 640 ★★
    Im saving my boosts for 10/17 lol
  • GivMeABeerGivMeABeer Posts: 173
    Yea I've been trying to minimize my klyntar strands for the same reason, but Epic is proving to be a bit of a **** at times. I doubt I will get thru the 10/17 quest fully but if I can do a few parts that's some rewards at-least.
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