C-E-M, Active Gold 2 Alliance looking to fill a few openings after Season ends

DareDvlDanDareDvlDan Posts: 79
edited October 2018 in Alliance Recruitment
We are an active Gold 2, tier 5/6, Alliance, looking to recruit ambitious players. We've moved up in war tier every single season and are hoping to find our way to Gold 1. We have strong leadership and pride ourselves in good communication (Line is a must).

We run map 5 in BG1, Maps 3 & 4 in BG2, and map 3 in BG3 to give everyone flexibility based on their own schedules.

We expect players to do their part and be active in Alliance wars & quests but understand that it is just a game and it's meant to be fun. At the end of the day, real life: jobs, family, etc. come first.

Are you looking to step up your game, but don't want MCOC to become a second job? We are just the alliance for you. Contact me on Line or in game.

IGN: DareDvlDan

Line ID: dannoel2012

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