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Shouldn't 300% attack into block boost masacre?

Playing Epic EQ today, I had a little fun on Carnage with the Invade buff.


It states a 300% increase into block.

My 5/65 masacre usually does 40k+ into a block with sp2. I get the feeling that this node is only multiplying base attack, because if masacre sp2 were included, the damage would be exponential.


The reason I bring this up is because it's a fairly new mechanic. No other champion has this utility and I feel like you missed the mark. It's a limited use as it is, but thought it would be insane with this EQ node.


Here's a video for reference:


I feel like this mechanic might be bugged. Because it's new and unique. But if you can confirm it only boosts base attack, and not any effects that come with the special, it'll make sense.

Please advise if I am doing this wrong.


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    Kabam ZibiitKabam Zibiit Posts: 7,033
    Hey there, we went and checked this for you, and you were correct that the Invade node provides a 300% boost to base Attack. The +20,455.65 from the SP2 would essentially be applied after the base Attack was boosted. Apologies for any confusion; hope this helps clear things up.
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