Alliance Wars Punishment - Issues

So a few wars back we noticed a rise in our Alliance War Season rank. We went from the upper hundreds in platinum 3 to the lower hundreds of platinum 3. This was largely due to the punishment of alliances Kabam found breaking the rules. Alliances like MMXIV were knocked down to gold 1, etc. But what I noticed was that they got to keep there higher war rating, which keeps them in the higher tiers, which gives them an astronomically higher war rating. Fast forward to the end of last war and our win only gained us an additional 3 ranks. A full win, with a defender up, and significant attack bonus jumped us 3 ranks. Meanwhile the "punished" alliances leapfrogged back up to plat 2 or higher because of their high multipliers.

I don't know what the answer is for cheating alliances. Maybe they should be just removed from any season rewards whatsoever for that season. Stricken from the leaderboard altogether. If you cut their War Rating they will just end up fighting alliances that are not even matches and dominate them, which wouldn't be good for the game either. It's just frustrating watching these alliances get slaps on the wrists for repeatedly cheating at the cost of alliances that put in the work and effort.

All of this in addition to seeing more and more burnout of alliance members in these high-stakes war seasons. Every season sees more and more long time players retiring or looking for a lower level of play which isn't as demanding.
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