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Epic 2.2 Iron Man Masochism bug breaks Ghost Rider?


As title states, I just ran into what looks like a bug that breaks Ghost rider's ability to cycle his judgments after sp3.
I know how the masochism mechanic works, removing the debuff that triggers it, but you can see in the video that I parry just before sp3 to start the timer.

My question is, why is the damnation failing to proc when the guilt judgement is applied? Without the damnation timer, there's no reset for the judgements..

Made for a fight that lasted 288 hits. Without sp1 judgement, or damnation, there's no control over his arc overload regen.

Anyone come across this?

Btw, I kept hitting sp3 trying to reset and/or place damnation the rest of the fight with no luck.
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