Aq 5x5 top 500 aw gold 1 finished 13th last season looking for 1 7k prestige

As said above what we are about. Chilled alliance that get the job done. Well established stable alliance. Fell victim to facing the piloting alliances at the back end of the season, which dropped us to 13th unfortunately. Looking for one skilled player to join and help us push for p3 next season. We aren’t a spending alliance and will get there through natural progession and ability. If it’s something you feel you want to be part of message me on line Id: schmitrn


  • Now looking for 2 due to retirement so message me on line if interested for a chat. Good luck with the search if not
  • Looking for one as a member has just left mid aq and aw without saying anything which in my eyes isn’t cool. Message me on line for a chat. Good luck finding an alliance
  • Just had someone return to a lower alliance after starting a new war post winning one which is very disappointing so have space for 1. Above is still applicable hit me up on line for a chat. Good luck finding a new home
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