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Epic event quest, not bad at all

I was feeling a bit concerned with this months event as I had some trouble at first with he gold symbiote and even the carnage in ch2. But after getting my first run done I realize that this is definitely one of the easier months. I was able to get Supreme down with the rank 4 symbiote and the crit bleed buff without issues. That gave me the kylntar cats to bring him to rank 5. Witht he buff still up a quickly got a 2nd run done, even easier.

Overall this month has a few "tricky" fights but not nearly as hair pulling as some months. For the Golden symbiote aside from using the summoner symbiote and the buffs I found blade (w/ trinity), crossbones (stack furry's) and sparky (build poise charges, play carefully) the best options for taking him down. Tough to one-shot but if you can chip away at him you should be able to get it done.

For carnage play normally but you can't block too many hits. Blade, Sparky, AA, Morningstar, Voodoo, all deal with him very well. And again the summoner symbiote works great with the crit bleed buff and perfect block at full health.

Venom the duck was weird at first but i found a good rhythm by holding block far away and then evading his dash attack, immediately hold block again to keep building power. His specials are easy to evade and then you can attack in and hit a special attack. You can also intercept once you time his dash attack out while holding block. Ultimately any champ works here; I one shotted with GR but Sparky, Blade, AA and other god tiers slay as well.

Well that's my review feel free to add on any thoughts/opinions on things.


  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 855 ★★★
    Current Epic= last month master
    Current Epic w/r5 symbiote= last month normal
    Upcoming difficulty=???
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