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New Deadpool SP3 Idea

It's dumb, but I like it. Not a buff, just a character specific special idea. Only works for Deadpool against Spidey (Peter Parker Spideys only).

Cut to DP calling out Spidey like Colossus does (Bring It). Spidey runs, jumps and lands a punch directly on DP, resulting in him knocked flat to the floor. DP looks up at Spidey - "What the $#!+, Parker!?!?!" - pulls out the gun and shoots him.

Just a little comic relief, maybe he breaks the 4th wall in doing so?

What do you think? Any other ideas like this? Have a go at it.


  • Nightwraith21Nightwraith21 Posts: 68
    I got a good chuckle out of this 😂
    Kinda reminds me of headcannon I found on Tumblr.
    I dig it 👍
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